Morbi Salary Case Update: Court Orders Detention of Accused, Including Raniba, Sending Shockwaves

Following a distressing incident in Morbi where Supreme Court (SC) youths were subjected to physical assault instead of receiving their due payments, a police complaint was promptly registered. Subsequently, law enforcement took swift action, arresting a total of six individuals, including the primary accused, in connection with the case.

Criminal Offenses Unfold in Morbi as Mar Mari Caste Youth Face Assault, Atrocity, and Robbery Instead of Payment

In Rawapar Chowk of Morbi, a disturbing incident transpired wherein individuals belonging to the Mar Mari caste were subjected to assault, atrocity, and robbery instead of receiving their rightful payments. The A-Division police promptly responded to the incident, registering a case against 12 individuals, which included both identified and unidentified suspects. A thorough investigation was subsequently initiated to address the grave charges.

In light of the unfolding events, the accused, namely Vibhuti Patel alias Raniba, Om Patel, and Raj Patel, faced a rejection of their anticipatory bail application by the court. Consequently, the accused voluntarily appeared before the police, and they were duly apprehended in connection with the reported crimes. This legal development marks a crucial step in holding those responsible accountable for their actions in the aforementioned assault, atrocity, and robbery case against the Mar Mari caste in Rawapar Chowk, Morbi.

Raniba reached jail.

Court Mandates Incarceration for All Accused in Morbi Assault and Robbery Case; Additional Arrests Made

In a significant legal development, the court has issued an order for the detention of all accused individuals involved in the Morbi assault and robbery case. In addition to the initial arrests, namely Vibhuti Patel alias Raniba, Om Patel, and Raj Patel, the police have apprehended additional suspects, Parikshit Bhagalani, Krish Merja, and Preet Vadsola.

Following the completion of their remand, all six accused were presented before the court today. The court, after careful consideration, has directed that all accused, including the newly arrested individuals, be sent to jail. This decision follows a thorough interrogation of the accused during their remand period. Consequently, the accused have been duly transferred to judicial custody as mandated by the court’s order. This judicial action underscores the gravity of the charges and the legal consequences faced by those implicated in the Morbi assault and robbery case.

The incident in question transpired last month when the complainant was employed in the Export Department of Raniba Industries, situated on the fourth floor of Capital Market near Rawapar Chowkdi. Approximately two weeks into his employment, the complainant chose to discontinue his work, leading to his departure from the workplace. Despite the routine salary disbursement occurring on the fifth day of the month at the office, the young man’s salary remained unpaid.

In an effort to address this issue, the young man, accompanied by friends, visited the office of the complainant, Raniba. However, instead of facilitating a resolution, Raniba, along with all the accused, resorted to physical violence against the young man, his brother, and his friend. Vibhuti Patel, one of the accused, extended an apology to the young man and urged him to prostrate himself. Subsequently, Raj Patel subjected the young man to caste-based insults, leading to a separate location where Raniba recorded a video further demeaning the individual by placing a shoe in his mouth. The entire episode revolves around the non-payment of salary, escalating into physical assault, verbal abuse, and a degrading act captured on video.


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