Hacking Attempt on Ram Temple Website by Pakistan-China Alliance: Indian Agency Blocks 1244 IP Addresses

On January 22, before the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, hackers from Pakistan and China were targeting Indian websites. This claim has been made by the Indian media Economic Times in its report. According to the report, hackers attempted to hack many websites associated with the Ram Temple, Doordarshan, and the Uttar Pradesh government.

Before the inauguration of India’s Telecom Security Operations Center (TSOC), it was monitoring approximately 264 websites. These included websites related to the Ram Temple, Prasar Bharati, UP Police, airports, UP Tourism, and many others. During this period, TSOC identified around 140 IP addresses targeting websites associated with the Ram Temple and Prasar Bharati.

According to reports, there was a surge in cybercrime attempts from Pakistan and China on January 21. During this period, approximately 1244 IP addresses were blocked, with 999 of them originating from China and the rest from Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Cambodia. Additionally, some IP addresses were from India, requiring necessary action to be taken against them.

According to the report, an Indian official stated that these cyber attacks are being countered using domestically developed technology. Previously, during the G20 Summit, these techniques were also utilized to secure India’s digital infrastructure. India has been leveraging AI and machine learning technology developed domestically to gather intelligence ahead of cyber attacks.

Pakistan has criticized the establishment of the Ram Temple, calling it a blot on Indian democracy. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry had condemned it after the consecration of the temple. In a statement on January 22nd, the ministry had stated that the temple had been built by demolishing the Babri Masjid. It warned that a temple built on the site of a demolished mosque would cast a shadow on the face of Indian democracy.

The rising ideology of ‘Hindutva’ in India poses a significant risk to religious pluralism and regional peace. India’s attempts to sideline Muslims are a matter of concern. Furthermore, Pakistan had raised the issue of the Ram Temple in the United Nations as well.

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