Tragic Incident: AMC Sweeper Machine Mishap Claims Woman’s Life, Husband Injured

In a tragic incident this morning in Ahmedabad, an unfortunate accident occurred near G.B. Shah College in the residential area of the city. A sweeper machine operated by the AMC lost control and climbed onto the footpath, where it struck a couple who were residing nearby. The rotating brushes of the sweeper machine flung the couple who were standing on the footpath, resulting in the tragic death of the woman. The husband, upon reaching the scene, has been rushed to the hospital for medical attention. The incident revealed that the sweeper machine, which was cleaning the footpath, unexpectedly hit the woman.

Investigation Underway After Sweeper Machine Accident

The police have initiated an investigation into the entire incident, and the driver of the sweeper machine is currently detained for questioning. The lifeless body of the deceased woman has been sent to the hospital for a postmortem examination. On the other hand, her distressed husband has been taken to the hospital for further medical care.

Husband Hospitalized After Tragic Incident

Near G.B. Shah College in Vasna, Ahmedabad, a sweeper machine accidentally climbed onto the footpath, seriously injuring a couple. Unfortunately, the woman succumbed to her injuries, and her husband’s foot got entangled in the machine, leading to the hospitalization of the injured man. The incident has raised concerns about the safety measures around sweeper machines.

Sweeper Machine Causes Woman’s Death While Making Rotlas on Footpath

According to police sources, the woman was making rotlas on the footpath when the incident occurred. Suddenly, the AMC sweeper machine hit her, resulting in her tragic death. When her husband reached the hospital with severe injuries, the incident highlighted the dangers associated with sweeper machines, even during routine operations.

Fortunate Escape for Sweeper Machine Operator

Following the incident, the operator of the sweeper machine made an effort to escape from the scene with the help of locals. As the crowd dispersed due to the sudden accident, a sense of regret prevailed as an innocent life was lost. The police are actively working on a thorough investigation to ensure strict action against those responsible for this unfortunate incident.

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