Amit Shah Assures Justice in Hubli Murder Case, CBI Probe if Needed

Central Home Minister Amit Shah met with Congress councilor Niranjani Hiramathan on Wednesday (May 1) and assured her of justice for her daughter Neha. Shah stated that justice would prevail in every situation, and if necessary, the case would be handed over to the CBI.

Regarding the Neha murder case, the Congress councilor provided a copy of the FIR to Amit Shah. It was also mentioned that in such cases, the death penalty should be given, and the case should be resolved within 90 to 120 days.

Earlier, on April 23, BJP President JP Nadda and BJP National Spokesperson Shahzad Poonawalla also met with Neha’s family. They assured the distressed family of receiving justice.

Faiyaz Khondunaike had committed the murder on April 18 by stabbing Neha Hiramathan at the BVB College campus in Hubli. Neha was the daughter of Congress councilor Niranjani Hiramathan and was a first-year student at the college.

BJP President Nadda had demanded a CBI investigation.

JP Nadda met Niranjani Hiramathan on April 23 and expressed sorrow over the murder of her daughter Neha. After the meeting, Nadda stated that if the state government transfers this case to the CBI, the BJP will support it. Nadda also mentioned that Neha’s father had also demanded a CBI investigation because he lacks trust in the state police.

At the same time, Niranjani Hiramathan stated that she had provided the names of 8 people to the police regarding Neha’s murder, but none of them have been apprehended yet. If they cannot apprehend the suspects, then the case should be handed over to the CBI. She expressed dissatisfaction with the seriousness with which the Commissioner is handling the murder of the woman. She feels that some pressures are influencing the investigation. My trust is now shattered.

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