Indian Family Prepares for Case Against Serum Institute: Daughter Dies 7 Days After Covishield Vaccination; Brain Developed Blood Clot

The Serum Institute of India (SII) is under investigation for a case concerning Covishield. Venugopal Govindan states that his daughter Karunya passed away shortly after receiving the Covishield vaccine in July 2021.

The SII manufactures Covishield based on a formula developed by the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which has been accepted by the British High Court acknowledging the serious adverse effects of their COVID-19 vaccine.

The government formed a national committee in response to Karunya’s death case filed by the family. The committee concluded that the vaccine was the cause, but complete evidence was not found.

Govindan has requested a thorough and independent medical board investigation into his daughter’s death. Meanwhile, another family revealed through an RTI that their daughter’s death was possibly due to TTS.

AstraZeneca has disclosed that in some cases, thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) may occur. This condition involves the formation of blood clots in the body and a decrease in platelet count.

The reason for the death of 18-year-old Ritika was found to be TTS, echoing a similar story of another family in India. Sri Omatri, 18, also died in May 2021 after receiving the first dose of Covishield.

Ritika experienced fever and vomiting within 7 days. An MRI revealed blood clots in her brain, leading to brain hemorrhage, and she passed away just two weeks later.

The family learned through an RTI in December 2021 that Ritika had thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) with thrombosis after receiving the vaccine, leading to her death.

Similar cases were initiated in the UK by Scotland, where after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine in April 2021, brain issues were reported.

Due to safety concerns, the UK is now not administering the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine. While it demonstrates effectiveness against COVID-19, regulatory scrutiny and legal action are encouraged to address its adverse effects.

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