Expert Panel to Assess Vaccine Side Effects; Supreme Court Petition: Govt Urged for Compensation If Severe Effect To Individual

In the Supreme Court, a petition has been filed seeking an investigation into the adverse effects of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine. Utilizing the formula of the UK pharmaceutical company, Serum Institute of India manufactures the Covishield vaccine in India.

Formation of Medical Panel Suggested in Legal Website Live Loan Announcement

According to a petition filed, it has been suggested to establish an expert medical panel to examine the vaccine’s side effects and assess the potential risks.

After Taking Covishield, Women’s Death, Parents Now Approach Court

As per reports by Economic Times, after a woman allegedly died following the Covishield vaccination, her parents have filed a petition in the Supreme Court. A similar case was accepted in a British court when parents approached the Supreme Court, citing serious adverse effects of their vaccine, though such cases are quite rare.

Allegations Against AstraZeneca – Many Died Due to the Vaccine

AstraZeneca faces accusations that many deaths occurred due to its vaccine. Several severe illnesses have been reported. The company is facing 51 cases in the UK High Court, with claimants demanding compensation of around 100 billion rupees from AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca Accepted – Severe Side Effects Can Occur

AstraZeneca has been accepted in the UK court that its COVID-19 vaccine can lead to serious adverse effects. However, such cases are very rare. Documents submitted in the British High Court state that the company accepts that its vaccine can cause thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) in some cases.

Risk of Side Effects from Vaccination Among 10 Million People Ranges from 3 to 15

As per a publication of the American Society of Hematology, the risk of adverse effects from the vaccine ranges from 3 to 15 out of 10 million vaccinated individuals. Moreover, 90% of these cases are mild. The probability of death is only 0.00013%, indicating that out of 10 million people, only 13 might face adverse effects, with just one potential fatality.

S1-2 Protein Testing Recommended Every Other Day for 14 Days

Dr. Ram Upadhyay from Harvard Medical School suggests that every individual’s metabolism is different. For some, the vaccine has zero adverse effects, while for others, it is 100%. The answer lies in autophagy, meaning fasting every other day for 14 days. This fasting increases the body’s production of S1 and S2 proteins and mutant S proteins. It is possible to activate the CCR-5 responsible for defending against platelet adhesion in the bloodstream. This can prevent clotting in the bloodstream. To ignore this, test the levels of S1, S2 proteins, CCR-5 levels, cytokine profile, and stronger markers. If they increase, take medication as advised by the doctor.

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca acknowledges the potential risk of heart attack associated with its COVID-19 vaccine. However, such occurrences are very rare. In India, the Serum Institute has developed a vaccine named Covishield using AstraZeneca’s formula.

According to reports from the British media outlet Telegraph, AstraZeneca faces allegations of causing numerous deaths and serious illnesses due to its vaccine. The company is facing 51 pending cases in the High Court, with claimants demanding nearly ₹100 billion from AstraZeneca.

British Citizen’s First Case Filed

In April 2021, a Scottish individual, after receiving this vaccine, experienced deteriorating health. Blood clots formed in their body and affected their brain. Additionally, internal bleeding in the brain occurred. Doctors reportedly told the patient’s spouse that they couldn’t save the individual.

Identification of Illness from Vaccination

In March 2021, scientists identified a new condition, Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (VITT). Lawyers representing affected individuals claim that VITT is essentially a subset of TTS, which AstraZeneca had denied.

AstraZeneca stated, “Our sympathies lie with those who have lost loved ones or suffered from severe illnesses. Patient safety is our top priority. Our regulatory authorities adhere to all standards for the safe use of medicines and vaccines.”

The company further stated, “Clinical trials and data from various countries have demonstrated that our vaccine fulfills safety standards. Regulators worldwide have acknowledged that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh its rare risks.”

No More Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine in Britain

Significantly, the use of this vaccine is currently suspended in Britain. According to Telegraph, scientists understood the risks of this vaccine just a few months after its launch in the market. It was then suggested that even people under 40 should receive a second dose of the vaccine. This was because the harm caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine posed a greater risk than the threat of COVID-19.

According to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), there are 81 cases in Britain where concerns have arisen about deaths due to blood clotting caused by the vaccine. MHRA reports that one in every five people who suffered adverse effects died.

Data obtained from the Freedom of Information indicated that in February, Britain provided compensation to 163 individuals. Among them, 158 had received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

AstraZeneca Claims to Save 6 Million Lives

The company also claimed that in April 2021 alone, it had saved approximately 6 million lives by providing information about the product, despite some cases of TTS being included in it. Many studies have shown that during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, AstraZeneca’s vaccine saved about 60 million lives.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also stated that this vaccine is safe and effective for people aged 18 and older. At the time of its launch, the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson considered it a major victory for British science.

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