Godrej Group Divides After 127 Years: Adi-Nadir to Get Listed, Kazim Jamshed-Smita Non-Listed

The Godrej Group, which has been creating its own space in every household in the country, is now heading towards division. The Godrej family has agreed to split the 127-year-old conglomerate into two parts. As per this agreement, one part will be inherited by Adi Godrej, the elder brother, and his brother Nadir, while the other part will go to Jamshyd Godrej and his sister Smitha Godrej.

Godrej and His Brothers to Get Listed Companies

Adi and Nadir Godrej are the owners of Godrej Industries, which has five listed companies. Jamshyd and Smitha, on the other hand, inherit the unlisted company Godrej End Boyce and its associated main asset in Mumbai.

Listed Companies under Godrej Industries Group

The listed companies in the Godrej Industries group include Godrej Industries, Godrej Consumer, Godrej Properties, Godrej Agrovet, and Astec Lifesciences. Nadir Godrej will be the chairman, with control vested in Adi Godrej, Nadir, and their family. Adi’s 42-year-old son, Pirojsha Godrej, will be the Executive Vice President of Godrej Industries. They will take over Nadir’s position in August 2026.

On the other hand, the Godrej Enterprises group will include Godrej End Boyce and its affiliates, engaging in diverse industries from aerospace and aviation to security, furniture, and IT software. Its control will be in the hands of Jamshyd Godrej as Chairman and MD. His sister Smitha’s 42-year-old daughter, Nyrika Holkar, will be its Executive Director. This group also owns a 3,400-acre land bank in Mumbai. The group’s total value is 2.34 lakh crore rupees.

The Division Process Spanning Three Years

The division process of the Godrej Group has been ongoing for three years. After the division, family members will sell their shares in each other’s companies. Adi and Nadir Godrej resigned from the board of Godrej End Boyce at the beginning of this year, while Jamshyd Godrej left the boards of GCPL and Godrej Properties.

Established in 1897: The Tale of This Conglomerate’s Journey Begins

The establishment of this conglomerate dates back to 1897, initiated by Ardeshir Godrej and his brother Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej. The group’s total value is 2.34 lakh crore rupees.

The Idea of Making Locks Arises from Newspapers

Founder Ardeshir Godrej started his first business with surgical blades worth 3,000 rupees, which couldn’t be sold. He collaborated with the English to manufacture ‘Made in India’ locks.

When Ardeshir Godrej faced obstacles in his first business, he did not give up. One day, while reading the newspaper, he noticed an article that caught his attention. This article was related to thefts that had occurred in Bombay. The police commissioner advised people to improve security at their homes and offices. It was this article that sparked the idea of making locks in Ardeshir’s mind.

It’s not that there were no locks at that time. But the locks made by Godrej were safer than those made previously. He took a loan and opened a workshop for making locks. With the help of his younger brother Pirojsha, he joined this business and they began to be known as the Godrej brothers.

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