Brave Act: Female Police Officer Subdues Sword-Wielding Attacker in London within 22 Seconds

On a Tuesday, a young man launched attacks with a sword on police and civilians on the streets of London. In this incident, a 14-year-old teenager has died and four others are injured. Following this incident, a female police officer arrested the assailant. The video of this incident has gone viral on social media, clearly showing the assailant wielding a sword.

Video Footage: Brave Action by Female Officer Leads to Arrest

In the video footage, it can be seen that a 36-year-old individual, previously from Hounslow, London, is arrested by a female police officer with remarkable courage, aiming a gun at him amidst the sword attacks. In this 22-second footage, the female officer can be seen confronting a suspicious individual in an alley. Meanwhile, the assailant attempts to flee but is tackled to the ground using a taser for apprehension. Subsequently, the female officer restrains him.

Further Arrests Follow as Officers Respond

Seconds later, five other officers move forward towards the assailant, leading to further arrests. According to police reports, he was apprehended on suspicion of murder. Currently, he is hospitalized. However, prior to this sword attack incident, he had a minor altercation with a vehicle in Thurlow Garden in London.

London Sword Attack: Teen Dead, 4 Injured

Police have reported that in this incident, a 14-year-old teenager has died. Two ordinary citizens along with two police officers were injured. They have been admitted to the hospital. The assailant, who wielded the sword, has been reported to have driven a vehicle into them. The officers reported that he had driven a vehicle into a house in Thurlow Garden in London, for which he was called for questioning. A video circulating on social media shows a suspicious individual ramming a vehicle into a house and then attacking with a sword.

One Fatality among Five Injured

However, the police have also clarified that this incident is not linked to any terrorist activity. Stuart Bell, the Chief Head of London’s Metropolitan Police, stated that all five injured individuals were taken to the hospital. He mentioned in a media briefing that it is a matter of great sorrow that among those injured in this incident, one has died. He informed that after being stabbed, he was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries shortly after. The other four are out of danger.

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