Gandhinagar: State Government Unveils Guidelines for ‘Wine and Dine’ Facility in Gift City

Who Can Serve Liquor, What Conditions Must Be Followed, and Who Is Eligible for FL 3 License?

Gandhinagar: In recent times, a guideline has been announced regarding the approval of liquor in the Gift City near Gandhinagar. The state government provided information through a press note that Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) is a hub for global finance and technology. Therefore, in order to provide a global business ecosystem in the entire Gift City complex, a decision has been made to relax the prohibition rules to allow the availability of ‘Wine and Dine’ facilities throughout the extended area.

For this purpose, a comprehensive guide has been released by the state government’s prohibition and excise department. According to the new rules for liquor permits, employees working in Gift City will be allowed to serve liquor. Additionally, individuals meeting for official or foreign delegations will also be eligible for liquor service. However, only individuals aged 21 and above will be allowed to avail these services.

Furthermore, a permit must be obtained from authorized officials, and the entire area will be monitored under CCTV surveillance. Although health permits, local meetings, and tourist permits will be subject to restrictions on liquor service in specific areas.

Gift City-Gandhinagar-F.A.Q

  • What is the F.L-3 license, and who can obtain it?

The F.L-3 license is required for serving liquor in hotels/clubs/restaurants located in Gift City-Gandhinagar. Employees working or authorized representatives of hotels/clubs/restaurants serving food and beverages in Gift City-Gandhinagar can obtain this license.

  • What is the process to obtain the F.L.3 license?

Applicants must submit necessary documents as per the rules of hotels/clubs/restaurants, undergo a verification process conducted by the competent authority, and receive approval from the designated committee appointed by the government.

  • Can individuals holding health permits, visitor permits, or tourist permits for Gift City work as servers?

No, individuals holding health, visitor, or tourist permits cannot serve in Gift City. Only employees authorized to work and meet with individuals authorized to serve in Gift City can provide services.

  • Who will grant access permits to employees working in Gift City?

Access permits for employees working in Gift City will be granted by the authorities appointed by Gift City.

  • Who will approve temporary permits for individuals meeting with those currently working in Gift City?

Temporary permits for individuals meeting with those working in Gift City will be approved based on the discretion of the HR head or designated authority of the respective company and in coordination with the access permit holder of the visitor.

  • What conditions must F.L.3 license holders adhere to?

License holders must maintain records of purchase and sales transactions of liquor, maintain the overall premises under CCTV surveillance, and adhere to all existing laws and regulations, including the Gujarat Prohibition Act-1949.

  • Can liquor service be provided anywhere other than Gift City under the F.L-3 license?

No, liquor service under the F.L-3 license can only be provided within the specified premises of Gift City.

  • What happens if the F.L-3 license holder violates laws, rules, or regulations?

If F.L-3 license holders violate laws, rules, or regulations, appropriate action will be taken under the Gujarat Prohibition Act-1949 and other current laws.

  • What approvals will license holders receive after obtaining the license?

License holders, after obtaining the license, will receive approval to serve food and beverages, a food safety license, and any other necessary permits.

  • Can F.L-3 license holders sell liquor to permit holders of other states?

No, F.L-3 license holders cannot sell liquor to permit holders from other states.

  • Why can liquor service only be provided at the licensed location?

Liquor service can only be provided at the licensed location as specified in the F.L-3 license. It cannot be provided at any other location.

  • Who can enter the premises of an F.L-3 license holder?

Entry is allowed only for the holders of the access permit and temporary permit after the mandatory checks and requirements have been fulfilled.

  • Can a person who serves liquor drive a vehicle after serving?

No, a person serving liquor cannot drive a vehicle after serving.

  • What is the age limit for serving liquor under the F.L-3 license?

Individuals aged 21 and above can be granted the access permit and temporary permit for serving liquor.

  • Which laws must permit holders adhere to when obtaining permits?

Permit holders must adhere to all laws and regulations governing the F.L-3 license, access permit, and temporary permit as per the current laws of the central and state governments.

  • What is required for visitors and tourist permits for Gift City as per the current regulations?

As per the current regulations, individuals need to submit proof of identity and address as per the address travel basis for obtaining visitor and tourist permits online.

  • Is it required for access permit and temporary permit holders to take precautions?

Yes, access permit and temporary permit holders are not allowed to drive recklessly after serving. They must keep their documents with them and comply with the competent authority’s requirements upon request.

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