6 Indians Caught in Wildlife Smuggling Case: Attempt to Smuggle 87 Animals, Including Snakes and Monitor Lizards, from Thailand Airport to Mumbai

Six Indians have been apprehended for smuggling 87 wild animals from Bangkok Airport in Thailand. The seized animals include red pandas and tamarin monkeys. According to reports, all the suspects had hidden the animals in their luggage. They were traveling from Bangkok to Mumbai.

The list of stolen items includes 29 monitor lizards, 21 snakes, and 15 birds including parrots. According to customs officials, all the animals were carefully concealed between the goods. If found guilty, all the accused could face either a 10-year prison sentence or a fine four times the import duty.

Last year, a Mongolian individual was apprehended at the Bangkok airport for attempting to smuggle a Komodo dragon, a python snake, and 20 live fish. In October 2023, another incident involved the theft of 30 animals from Thailand to Taiwan, including 28 baby turtles. Following these incidents, an airport employee was dismissed from their job.

The illegal wildlife trade market is worth 12 trillion rupees. Thailand serves as one of the main hubs for the trafficking of wild animals, with many of them being smuggled to China and Vietnam. In recent years, there has been an increase in wildlife trafficking cases in India as well. Wildlife trafficking is the world’s fourth-largest illegal trade. This market is estimated to be worth between 8 to 12 trillion rupees annually.

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