Women to Operate Track Machines for the First Time in India: Vadodara to Witness Women Handling Old and New Railway Tracks

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Indian Railways is dedicating a women-operated track machine to the nation in service. This marks the initiation of the first-ever women-operated track machine in Indian Railways. The General Manager of Western Railways, Ashok Kumar Mishra, inaugurated the initiative via video conference from Mumbai.

In the technical field of railways, there is an increasing representation of women. The introduction of women-operated track machines reflects the growing participation of women in a sector traditionally dominated by men. These track machines are involved in tasks such as constructing new tracks or repairing existing ones, and they are operated by teams that include seven female members. This marks a significant milestone for the Indian Railways department, showcasing remarkable progress in gender diversity and inclusivity.

We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities in the best possible manner, ensuring smooth operations and addressing any challenges that may arise. Poonamben Thakar, the Machine Assistant of Vadodara Division, has highlighted the significant role of a particular machine that is entirely operated by women. While difficulties may arise occasionally, the overall performance of this initiative is commendable. We pledge to continue our diligent work and maintain high standards of performance and accountability.

The junior engineer, Nikki Kumari, of Vadodara Division, has stated that we take great pride in our accomplishments. It is indeed challenging for us to maintain a train speed of 160 kilometers per hour on the track. The railway and the government have entrusted us with significant responsibilities. We have also installed waterless urinal toilets on the track machine, which is crucial for women. The entire responsibility of the track is now on our shoulders, as highlighted.

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Vadodara Railway Division, Jitendrasingh, has announced that on the occasion of International Women’s Day, today, we are witnessing women empowerment in the Indian Railways. The women are performing exceptionally well in their duties. This marks the first track machine in the Indian Railways to be operated by women. The machine is entirely operated by 7 women. In consideration of the challenges faced by women, waterless urinal toilets have been installed, which will be maintained at the headquarters in Vadodara.

It was further emphasized that for the safety of women, all facilities are made available to ensure that women can work efficiently. This marks the first time in Indian Railways that a women-operated track machine has been provided to the Vadodara division. Track safety is paramount in the railways, as it is where the trains operate. This track will undergo complete operations, ensuring safety. There is full confidence that women will be able to work efficiently.

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