Putin’s Alleged Heart Attack: Ex-Kremlin Official’s Claims and Recurring Health Speculations

In a recent development that has garnered significant attention, former Kremlin official, through his Telegram channel, has asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin suffered a heart attack. Reports suggest that Putin was discovered lying on the floor in his bedroom by Kremlin guards. Subsequently, he was promptly transported to a specialized medical facility where doctors were informed of his deteriorating health.

Unverified Reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Health Raise Concerns

Unverified reports circulating on social media platforms have suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have experienced a health incident. The claims, which have not been confirmed by the Russian government or established media agencies, come from a former lieutenant general of Russia who shared the information on his Telegram channel, General SVR.

According to these unconfirmed reports, President Putin’s security officers were alerted by a sound in his room and upon investigation found the Russian leader slumped on the floor. This account has generated concerns and uncertainties regarding the health of the President and has prompted speculation on the potential implications for Russia’s political landscape and international relations.

Shortly after the meeting with President Lukashenko of Belarus, Putin was seen firmly holding a chair with his left hand.

Update on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Health: Reports of His Good Condition

Recent reports have emerged, suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s condition is now reported to be good, as per information shared by General SVR on his Telegram channel. According to these unverified claims, President Putin was found in good health, with a table containing food and drinks near his bed. It has been stated that the Russian leader is awake and conscious.

It is important to exercise caution when considering information from unofficial or unverified sources, especially in cases involving the health of prominent political figures. The lack of confirmation from established media agencies or the Russian government raises questions about the accuracy of such reports.

The credibility of General SVR’s channel has come under scrutiny, as it has previously disseminated unverified information about President Putin’s health. In the past, the channel made claims about Putin’s health, including reports of severe illness and surgeries. These claims were subsequently refuted or unverified.

In the 12-minute video, Putin is seen holding the corner of a table during a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Unsubstantiated Claims of Putin’s Health Issues, Including Parkinson’s, Persist

Recent claims suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be grappling with health issues, potentially including Parkinson’s disease, have once again come to light. It is important to emphasize that these claims remain unverified and speculative, without official confirmation or support from reliable sources.

A video from the previous year was cited by some individuals as evidence of Putin displaying symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, such as tongue wagging and trembling hands and feet. However, it is crucial to note that making medical diagnoses based solely on video footage can be highly unreliable and often leads to unwarranted speculation.

Speculation about Putin’s health has been a recurring theme in recent times, with some even suggesting that his involvement in conflicts, such as the Ukraine war, is motivated by a desire to solidify his legacy. These claims, too, lack substantial evidence and should be approached with caution.

Furthermore, a report from an American media outlet in December of the previous year alleged that President Putin had experienced a fall down the stairs at his official residence in Moscow. However, it was also reported that he visited a specialized testing lab in Russia the day after the incident, indicating a level of activity inconsistent with a severe health issue.

Unverified Claims of Putin’s Health, Including Cancer, Lack Substantiated Evidence

Claims suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been afflicted with various health issues, including blood cancer, have circulated in recent years. It is crucial to underscore that these claims have not been substantiated by credible evidence or official sources, and their veracity remains in question.

In 2022, following earlier speculations about Parkinson’s disease, reports emerged alleging that President Putin was suffering from blood cancer. These claims were attributed to a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Russian leader. However, it is essential to emphasize that these allegations could not be validated or proven to be true.

The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been a subject of speculation and rumors, primarily due to the secrecy maintained by the Russian administration regarding his well-being. These rumors have often been based on observations of his appearances in photos and videos. Some of the speculations and claims about Putin’s health include:

  • Thyroid Cancer: There have been rumors suggesting that Putin may be battling thyroid cancer. However, these claims lack substantial evidence and have not been officially confirmed.
  • Back Problems: Rumors about Putin’s back problems have circulated, indicating potential health issues. These claims have not been substantiated and remain speculative.
  • Psychosis: Speculations regarding Putin’s mental health, including the possibility of psychosis, have also surfaced in the absence of official information. Such claims should be approached with caution.
  • Specialist Visits: Reports indicating that Dr. Yevgeny Selivanov, a surgeon known for his expertise in thyroid cancer, made numerous visits to Putin’s Black Sea palace have added to the speculation surrounding Putin’s health. However, these visits alone do not confirm any particular health condition.
  • Emergency Surgery: In November 2020, political analyst Valery Solovyy put forward a theory suggesting that Putin may have undergone emergency surgery. The nature of the surgery was a subject of debate, with some reports suggesting it was related to cancer. However, these claims have not been verified by reliable sources.
  • Denial by Russian Administration: The Russian government has consistently denied the various claims and speculations about Putin’s health, reinforcing the veil of secrecy surrounding the Russian president’s well-being.
  • Legacy and Ukraine Conflict: Some experts and observers have speculated that Putin’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict may be driven by a desire to cement his legacy. These assertions are often made in the context of Putin’s broader political and international agenda.

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