Surat Diamond Bourse: 983 Offices Unite for Vaajtegajate Kumbh Installation on Dussehra with CR Patil

The city of Surat is intricately entwined with the global diamond industry. The impact of the diamond trade extends far beyond the confines of Gujarat or even the borders of our nation. Over the past decade, the world has borne witness to the remarkable growth and ascendancy of the Surat diamond industry, solidifying its reputation as an international gem hub. A crowning achievement in this journey is the establishment of the Surat Diamond Bourse, a veritable milestone in the realm of diamonds.

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, the Surat Diamond Bourse witnessed a momentous event that not only carries cultural and traditional significance but also underscores the industry’s thriving spirit. Kumbhaghada, a symbol steeped in religious and cultural heritage, was ceremoniously placed in 983 offices within the Diamond Bourse premises.

This endeavor was graced by the presence of numerous dignitaries and thousands of participants, including Gujarat State BJP President, CR Patil, who lent their wholehearted support to this Kumbhaghada installation.

Thousands of people join the Kumbh installation

Thousands of individuals came together to participate in the ceremonial installation of the Kumbh on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra. The Diamond Bourse, renowned for its office furniture, witnessed a significant and sacred event as the Kumbh installation ceremony took place today. Notably, a total of 983 offices within the Diamond Bourse premises united to perform this pivotal ritual.

The event attracted a diverse array of attendees, including prominent business figures who have established their offices within the Diamond Bourse. Additionally, family members of the Diamond Bourse community and esteemed politicians joined in the festivities. Among the notable dignitaries present were State President C.R. Patil and Member of Parliament Darshana Jardosh.

State President C.R. Patil and Member of Parliament Darshana Jardosh

The diamond industry has made a substantial contribution to elevating our nation’s status, propelling it to the pinnacle. Surat Member of Parliament, Darshana Jardosh, remarked that on December 17, during the grand inauguration of the Diamond Bourse by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a significant portion of the offices will be abuzz with activity. This achievement reflects the immense role played by the diamond industry, especially the Hero Industry, in fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of positioning India as a global leader.

The impact of the diamond industry extends from jewelry manufacturing to the trade of raw materials, encompassing an array of associated operations that are poised to be rapidly completed. The presence of the diamond trade has bestowed upon the city of Surat a distinctive and unparalleled identity on the world stage.

As we anticipate the grand inauguration of the Diamond Bourse, it is evident that the diamond industry’s growth and its unwavering commitment to excellence play a pivotal role in India’s journey toward achieving its coveted status as a leader on the global stage.

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