4 Indian Students Drown in Russia: Two Boys and Two Girls, All Medical Students from Maharashtra

Four Indian Students Drown in Russia

Four Indian students studying medicine in Veliky Novgorod, Russia, drowned in a river. However, one student was rescued. All the students were residents of Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Efforts are underway to repatriate their bodies as soon as possible. In response, the Indian Embassy in Moscow has issued an advisory, alerting students about precautions they should take and what they should avoid doing.

Advisory from the Indian Embassy: Avoid Carelessness

The Indian Embassy emphasized that incidents of Indian students drowning in Russia are becoming increasingly frequent. There were two such incidents in 2023 and six cases of Indian student drownings in 2022. Therefore, the Embassy urges all Indian students to exercise extreme caution when visiting beaches, rivers, lakes, etc. Students are advised against being careless and to always carry necessary safety equipment when visiting such places.

Two Boys and Two Girls Among the Deceased

According to media reports, the deceased include two boys and two girls, all aged between 18 and 20 years. Jalgaon District Collector Ayush Prasad stated that, with the help of the Ministry of External Affairs, contact has been made with the Indian Embassy in Russia and the Consulate General in Saint Petersburg. They have provided significant assistance to the grieving families. The local police and disaster management officials are also cooperating in the matter. It is hoped that, following international protocols, the bodies will be repatriated to India.

Indian Consulate General Assures Support to Bereaved Families

The Indian Consulate General has stated that they are in contact with the families of the victims and are providing all possible assistance. Efforts are being made in coordination with local authorities to repatriate the bodies to their homes as soon as possible. The student who survived is receiving appropriate medical treatment and is currently out of danger.

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