India-Pakistan Match Atmosphere Dampened: Ahmedabad’s Top Cafes Closed, Watch High-Voltage Match at Home

High Voltage India-Pakistan T-20 World Cup Match Today

Today’s highly anticipated T-20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan is set to take place in the USA. The broadcast will start at 8 PM IST. The match has been scheduled for a Sunday to cater to Indian viewers, ensuring maximum viewership and excitement.

Impact of Rajkot Fire Incident

However, the atmosphere for this high voltage match might be subdued due to recent events. Following the Rajkot fire incident, many of the bustling cafes and popular gathering spots for cricket enthusiasts in major cities have been closed by authorities.

Ahmedabad Scenario

In Ahmedabad, especially in posh areas, large screens were typically set up in cafes for viewers to enjoy the match together with food and beverages. These places attracted groups of youngsters who relished the game in a lively environment. Currently, with most cafes shut down and it being a holiday, residents of Ahmedabad and other cities will likely have to watch this thrilling T-20 encounter on their television screens at home.

Popular Cafes Preferred by Youngsters Closed

The Divya Bhaskar team observed that a significant number of people were seen on Sindhu Bhavan Road and S.G. Highway during nighttime. With today’s match, there are possibilities of celebrations on Sindhu Bhavan Road if India wins. India will aim to maintain its undefeated streak against Pakistan in World Cup history.

Impact on Youth Celebrations

However, with many major cafes closed, the excitement among young people has been dampened. While people will gather in front of TV screens at various spots in the city, the usual vibrant atmosphere in the posh area cafes, where young enthusiasts used to cheer loudly, will be noticeably absent.

Garden-Type Cafes Make Loose Arrangements for the Match

With major indoor cafes closed in Ahmedabad, some garden-type cafes with open spaces have made loose arrangements for the match. Casanova Cafe on Sindhu Bhavan Road has set up a large screen in their garden area for live broadcasting of today’s match. People can enjoy watching the game while dining.

Crowds of Young People in Cafes at Night

Dipakbhai, the manager of Casanova Cafe, stated that special arrangements have been made for today’s match. In the hot weather, people can sit outside, order food, and watch the match while cheering for Indian cricketers. The cafe usually sees a higher influx of young people at night. Following the Rajkot incident, authorities have taken strict measures, leading to the closure of most major cafes.

Decreased Enthusiasm Among Kohli and Rohit Sharma Fans

Youngsters, particularly fans of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, usually show great excitement to watch them bat against Pakistani bowlers. However, there is a noticeable drop in their enthusiasm this time. Nikbhai, who runs Don Ka Adda Cafe on S.G. Highway, mentioned that since his cafe is in an open area, it usually attracts large crowds. During the previous World Cup, they had special screenings for the matches, and they plan to do the same this time.

The Atmosphere Won’t Be the Same

Nevertheless, the toss will be a crucial factor on the American field. Cricket enthusiasts will cheer for the Indian team while seated in the open spaces of the cafe. The atmosphere for India-Pakistan matches in the World Cup is usually unique. However, this year, with the World Cup being held in America and the impact of the Rajkot incident, the excitement and fervor are notably diminished.

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