Surat’s Janmashtami: 22 Groups to Compete for 1.51 Lakh Prize

Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India, and the tradition of breaking Dahi Handi during Lord Krishna’s birth remains an integral part of the festivities. This tradition is especially prominent in Mumbai, and similar plans have now been organized in Surat, Gujarat. Surat is set to host the largest Dahi Handi in the state, located in the Limbaj area. A total of 22 groups will participate in this event, with 11 groups aiming to break the Dahi Handi. The Dahi Handi pyramids will be constructed at heights of 35, 30, and 25 feet, and three groups will take on the challenge of breaking them. It promises to be an exciting and festive celebration of Janmashtami in Surat.

A Grand Janmashtami Celebration

The Youth for Gujarat organization is taking the lead in organizing this grand Dahi Handi event in the Limbaj area of Surat. Their ambitious plan is to construct the tallest Dahi Handi, reaching a towering height of 35 feet. Preparations for this event are in full swing in the Limbayat area, with meticulous arrangements being made to ensure that the Janmashtami program becomes a memorable and exciting celebration. Limbayat, home to a significant number of Maharashtrian families, is buzzing with enthusiasm as everyone eagerly looks forward to the Dahi Handi program.

Jignesh Patil, the President of Youth for Gujarat, has shared that this year’s Janmashtami program is expected to be exceptionally grand. Similar Dahi Handi events were held in 2018-19, and this time, the residents of the city will be the beneficiaries of this exciting celebration. A total of 22 groups will participate, with 11 groups attempting to break the Dahi Handi, and the remaining 11 groups performing the “salami” ceremony. Substantial prizes are on the line, with the first pot breaker receiving 1.51 lakhs, the second prize being 1.25 lakhs, and the third prize totaling 1.11 lakhs. The Dahi Handis will vary in height, with the first one at 35 feet, the second at 30 feet, and the third at 25 feet.

Additionally, Urging People to Join

Jignesh Patil has made an appeal to the public, inviting everyone to participate in the grand Janmashtami celebration. He emphasized that people from all locations are welcome to attend, and there are no admission fees; the event is entirely free. He urged all citizens to join in and contribute to the success of the program.

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