Counter-Terrorism Operation: ATS Detains 6 Suspects of ISKP in Godhra, Gujarat’s Third City

Once again, Gujarat received inputs from intelligence agencies and the Central Intelligence Department about the activation of a sleeper cell of a terrorist organization in the state. Gujarat Police conducted continuous surveillance in this context. Following concerns of the organization being active in Porbandar, Surat, and Godhra, Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) took preemptive measures and apprehended individuals associated with the organization. The Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad carried out a targeted operation, leading to the detention of suspects, and subsequently, they were brought to the courthouse in Ahmedabad for further legal proceedings. On the other hand, DGP (Director General of Police) Ashish Bhatia informed Divya Bhaskar that they have been questioning some people based on the inputs received and conducted searches in Godhra. The operation, coordinated between Central agencies and intelligence inputs, has been executed as a preventive measure to address potential security threats in the state.

NIA Provides Inputs on ISKP Terrorist Organization’s Activities in Gujarat

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Central Intelligence Bureau (CIB) have provided inputs regarding the active presence of individuals associated with the ISKP terrorist organization in Gujarat. Acting on these inputs, Gujarat Police initiated a thorough investigation, leading to a significant breakthrough in the case. The investigation revealed that several people in Gujarat are allegedly linked to the ISKP terrorist organization.

The case has witnessed a major development recently, with a comprehensive probe ongoing. Following extensive investigations, chargesheets have been filed in court. The latest input received by Gujarat Police further strengthens their ongoing efforts. In this context, Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) officials have conducted search operations in Godhra.

The collaboration between Gujarat Police, NIA, and CIB signifies a coordinated effort to address potential security threats in the state. The investigation is still underway, and more information is expected to emerge as the authorities continue their diligent efforts in tackling terrorism-related activities in Gujarat.

Comprehensive Picture to Emerge Soon Amid Ongoing Operation in Gujarat

During the ongoing search operation, eight individuals have been detained in Ahmedabad. Among them, five are suspected to be involved in unlawful activities, and questioning is currently underway. Deputy Inspector General Deepan Bhadran stated that they have received valuable inputs, leading to continuous surveillance.

The investigation has progressed significantly, with interviews and inquiries ongoing. The operation is expected to provide a clearer picture of the situation in a short period. Stay tuned for updates as the authorities work to uncover the details of the ongoing operation in Gujarat.

Surat Woman Nabbed for Connection with ISKP

In a swift operation carried out in June 2023, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in Surat apprehended a woman suspected of having connections with an internationally banned terrorist organization. This Muslim woman, residing in Lal Gate area, was quickly apprehended with the assistance of Surat Police and subsequently taken to Porbandar.

The woman, having familial ties in Bharuch, is married and has conducted her wedding ceremony in Tamil Nadu. Her family, including two children, resides in Surat. The ATS, acting on information, made the arrest during the night. It was revealed that the woman had obtained radical publications associated with ISKP. The prompt action by law enforcement underscores the continued vigilance against potential terrorist activities. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.

Woman Unveils 3 Terrorist Operatives Nabbed in Porbandar

Gujarat ATS successfully apprehended three individuals linked to the terrorist organization Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) in Porbandar. The arrest was made following an operation that revealed a potential threat in the Lal Gate area of Surat.

Among those detained is a woman named Sumer, residing in the Lal Gate neighborhood of Surat, who was in contact with the arrested individuals. The ATS team from Surat collaborated with the Surat Police to apprehend the woman in a nighttime operation. The interrogation of the suspects has unveiled crucial information about a terrorist plot, and further investigations are underway. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

Woman from South India Revealed in ISKP Arrest Operation in Porbandar

In a recent anti-terrorism operation conducted in Porbandar, three individuals associated with the banned terrorist organization ISKP were apprehended. During the investigation and interrogation, it was revealed that one of the suspects had connections with a woman named Sumera, residing in Surat, Gujarat. Originally hailing from South India, she was married in Tamil Nadu and had a family there.

The woman’s connection to her family in Surat came to light during the investigation, leading the Gujarat ATS and Surat Police to carry out a night-time operation resulting in Sumera’s arrest. Stay tuned for further developments as the investigation unfolds.

ISKP stands for “Islamic State of Khorasan Province.” It is a branch of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorist organization. The term “Khorasan” refers to a historical region that includes parts of Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia. ISKP aims to establish its dominance and expand its influence in this region, particularly in Afghanistan and surrounding areas.

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