Police Apprehend Car Thieves in Himmatnagar: Four Nabbed with Stolen Car and Keys, Accused to Face Court Tomorrow

Approximately 15 days ago, a new car was stolen from a godown near the showroom of Maruti in Himmatnagar. After filing a complaint, the police investigated and quickly apprehended four suspects in connection with the car theft. The East Division police had submitted the four accused to the court on Thursday. The court granted custody of the three accused to the police for further investigation. When one of the accused applies for bail, they will have to appear in court during the hearing.

The details regarding this incident are as follows: In the vicinity of the Himmatnagar’s Godhoda village, within the boundary of the showroom of Kiran Motors, a new car theft occurred approximately 15 days ago from the adjacent godown. According to the information obtained from the police station of the East Division two days ago, three new cars were stolen. The stolen vehicles include a Maruti CNG Brezza car priced at 9.24 lakh INR, a Maruti Swift car in grey color priced at 7.85 lakh INR, and a white color Baleno Zeta CNG car priced at 9.28 lakh INR. The total value of the three stolen vehicles amounts to 26.97 lakh INR. The complaint regarding this car theft incident has been registered with the police.

After noting the theft, the police conducted an investigation based on CCTV footage. Upon seizing the stolen cars and keys used in the theft, the police managed to apprehend four thieves involved in three separate car theft incidents. Subsequently, the police quickly took action against three car thieves and four individuals involved in the car thefts. The police successfully took control of the stolen cars and keys associated with the thefts. The swift action by the police resulted in the arrest of four young individuals, all residents of Himmatnagar city. The youths were caught red-handed in a warehouse where they were attempting to steal cars. Upon entering the warehouse, the police found several stolen cars and keys. The investigation revealed that the young thieves had stolen some keys and cars from the warehouse, and the police managed to recover the stolen items.

On the other hand, the E-Division police had filed charges in court against three out of the four individuals involved in the car theft, and the court had approved the grounds for the three accused. Meanwhile, one of the accused, Deepak Suthar, residing near Jainam Glass in Dhanadham of Himmatnagar, will also be brought to court for a hearing soon.

The accused individuals involved in the car theft are:

  1. Chiragbhai Dineshbhai Shah – Age: 39 (Residence: Near Arun Parikh’s pharmacy, Vakhariyavada, Himmatnagar)
  2. Arpan Manojkumar Raval – Age: 21 (Address: 32, Sukh Sagar Society, Gokulnagar, Himmatnagar)
  3. Sanjaykumar Kirtisinh Parmar – Age: 23 (Near Tajpuri Primary School, Himmatnagar)
  4. Deepak Narendrakumar Suthar – Age: 22 (Near Jainam Glass, Dhanadham, Himmatnagar)

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