Gandhidham Crime Report: Four Arrested for Stealing Valve from Kandla Madhadari Ship, Eight Caught Playing Cards in Public at Sattar Thousand Area

Four individuals who were involved in the theft of valves from a ship in the Kandla Marine police station jurisdiction have been apprehended. They had disguised themselves as fishermen to approach the ship and committed theft in the guise of fishing. The Kandla Marine police station received a complaint last week regarding the theft of 31 valves from an unidentified isomeric ODB ship anchored at the park in the port. The group has been caught, and more than five individuals involved in the case are yet to be apprehended.

The Kandla Marine Police formed teams to investigate and apprehend the accused involved in the theft of valves. The arrested individuals include Muso alias Dhaado Nuramamad Buchad, Umar Adham Koreja, Jusab alias Chacho Shaak Sota, and Umar Ismail Tank. They were found in possession of 31 S.S. valves of different sizes with a total value of ₹27,550. Besides them, Siddik Ningamana, Abbas Aamad Charaiya, Dawood Ismail Khara, Abdul Siddik Ningamana, and Hanif Vira Koreja are still wanted in connection with the case.

The accused used the pretext of fishing to approach an isomeric ODB ship anchored in the harbor, targeted the ship, and committed theft by breaking into it. The Marine Police in Kandla acted swiftly and arrested several individuals in connection with the case. A total of eight individuals have been apprehended so far. In another incident in Gandhidham, eight individuals were caught by the police for gambling and possessing ganja. They were fined a total of ₹29,050. In a separate incident in the Sat Rasta area, several individuals were caught with ganja, and ₹29,050 was seized from them.

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