Justice for Youth: Rajkot’s PGVCL Protest Renders Young Devotees on Temple Steps, Ranks, and Roads, Braving Chilly Nights

Over the past three days, a protest has unfolded in the small town of Movasa in Rajkot, with around 300 young individuals rallying in front of the Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) office demanding the recruitment of assistant linemen. In the wee hours of the previous night, a team from Divya Bhaskar arrived at the scene witnessing scenes of compassion and determination among the protestors. 

Some were seated on vegetable carts, others at temple steps, and a few along the roadside, all united in their quest to seek justice, while some camped outside the PGVCL gates. Students have spent days and nights at one spot, confronting various struggles in their pursuit for justice. Conversations with these youths reveal a singular consensus: while satisfaction may elude them, they remain resolute in their pursuit of justice.

Student Lodgings: Adapting Amidst the Night

A benevolent organization in Rajkot had arranged for students to stay overnight. As night fell, students improvised sleeping arrangements wherever they found space. Most students camped outside the PGVCL office, while others settled within a 100-meter radius, choosing empty vegetable carts at the nearby market as their resting spots. Some opted for small empty spaces near the vicinity of two nearby temples. This initiative allowed students to adapt and make use of available spaces during the night hours, ensuring their comfort amidst their protest endeavors.

Forced to Spend Nights Under Thin Shelters

Forced to Spend Nights Under Thin Shelters

Witnessing the plight of students forced to spend their nights in such dire conditions often evokes compassion in any observer. The reason being, during chilly nights, some students find themselves with nothing but a thin sheet or blanket to shield them from the cold. Alongside the cold, mosquitoes also plagued these students. Nevertheless, the students maintain that while they tread the path of struggle, challenges are inevitable, and they will confront them with laughter, yet they are determined to seek justice.

The Lament of Junagadh's Youth

The Lament of Junagadh’s Youth

Vijay Rathod, a native of Junagadh, expressed the grievances of the youth in Rajkot, where protests have been ongoing outside the PGVCL office. Rathod stated that on January 1, 2023, they appeared for the Electric Assistant examination, marking a year since the test was conducted. About 6,300 students took the exam, and 300 of them are awaiting recruitment. However, the GSO 4 rule is impeding the recruitment process, which has yet to be resolved. As a result, protests have persisted for three days.

Unfair Treatment in Response to RTI Inquiry

Unfair Treatment in Response to RTI Inquiry

We feel unjustly treated by the information received. It was disclosed that an RTI was filed with the 46th Division, yet only 8 responses were received. Considering there are 361 positions within the 8 divisions, one can estimate how many positions could be attributed to the 46th Division. Despite frequent appeals, complete recruitment hasn’t been achieved. 

The response tactics of the authorities seem evasive when RTI information is found to be inaccurate. It is evident to us that if misinformation persists, it could be due to an error by an official or an intentional failure among the 13-13 officials, which seems unfair to us.

Unjust Circumstances Amidst Student Protests

Unjust Circumstances Amidst Student Protests

The ongoing protests have now completed three days and three nights. Students from various regions like Kodinar, Somnath, Junagadh, Amreli, Kutch, and Dahod are participating, showcasing a united front against injustice. There is no provision for lodging, forcing students to sleep on roads, at temples, or on pavements. Neither the system nor the government seems inclined to address our grievances, despite the hardships we endure. 

It appears that the government and the system are turning a blind eye to our struggles, leaving us feeling abandoned. However, despite the challenges, we are resolute in continuing our protest until justice is served. This tumultuous situation is undeniably unjust.

Vijay Rathore, a student from Junagadh

Struggle for Justice: Voices from Rajkot

Narendra Chandera from Talala in Gir Somnath district revealed that all these struggles are for the recruitment of electrical assistants. The hopeful candidates are here to obtain employment and have been protesting and demonstrating for this cause for three days and three nights. Everyone is present here, even during the scorching daytime and chilly nights. Despite the perseverance, the government seems indifferent, showing no signs of attention or concern. The system isn’t ready to listen to our grievances. 

We are determined to continue our protest until justice is served. This movement is the path of struggle, and the challenges are immense. We are not here to give up; we are here to seek justice. We endure the heat during the day and the cold at night, but the difficulties we face are far greater. We are not retreating from here; we will persist until justice is achieved.

Students’ Struggle: Seeking Justice Amidst Adversity

Narendra Solanki, the leader of the Gujarat Pradesh NSUI, spoke to Divya Bhaskar, expressing concern over the plight of students who have been protesting outside the PGVCL office for the past three nights. He highlighted that the students are enduring a challenging environment, with scorching days and chilly nights taking a toll on their health. 

Many students have fallen ill due to these harsh conditions. Solanki emphasized that these students are demanding justice and urged the government to address their concerns promptly. He stressed the need for the government to listen to the students’ grievances and ensure that justice prevails, despite the challenges they face.

Gujarat Region NSUI President Narendra Solanki

Call for Justice: Students Prepare for Protest in Gandhinagar

Recent days have seen students from various regions, including Somnath, Amreli, Junagadh, and Kutch, staging a sit-in protest for justice. Their demand is clear: if the government delivers justice, these students can return to their homes. Therefore, an earnest plea is being made to the government to heed their voices and provide them with the justice they seek. 

In the coming days, if necessary, a protest will be organized in Gandhinagar. Energy Minister will be approached directly, with both written and verbal petitions. NSUI is gearing up for protests across Gujarat if the need arises. The students are ready to voice their opposition and ensure that justice is served.

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