Delhi’s Kalkaji Temple Jagran: Stage Collapse Claims Life, Injures 17; Singer B Praak’s Performance Mishap

In an unfortunate incident on Saturday night in Delhi’s Kalkaji Temple, approximately 16 individuals were injured, with the tragic loss of a 45-year-old woman’s life. The incident unfolded around 7:00 PM amid a crowded atmosphere.

The gathering had assembled to listen to the devotional songs of singer B Praak, drawing a crowd of over 1500 people, including numerous children, women, and elderly individuals. As the Jagran ceremony progressed, a large number of people had climbed onto the stage, leading to its sudden collapse.

The aftermath of the incident created a chaotic scene at the venue. Delhi Police confirmed that the stage was constructed from wood and plywood. Several of the injured individuals have suffered fractures.

The Jagran event was organized by private organizers without proper authorization. No permission had been obtained for this purpose. The police have taken note of the violation by the organizers.

Tragedy Strikes: Stage Collapse During Mata Jagran at Kalkaji Temple

Last night, a calamitous event unfolded at the Nehru Place-based Kalkaji Temple premises in Delhi, as the stage erected for Mata Jagran collapsed. The stage, constructed from wood and plywood, gave way, resulting in injuries to 17 individuals, some of whom sustained severe wounds. Regrettably, one person lost their life in the mishap. According to sources, singer B Praak was scheduled to perform at the event.

The temple premises, crowded with 1500 to 1600 people gathered for the Mata Jagran organized by the VIP family, witnessed the collapse as attendees climbed onto the stage. Immediate medical attention has been provided to the affected individuals, who have been swiftly transported to nearby hospitals.

This picture was taken during the program of B Prak.

B Praak Expresses Sorrow Over the Incident: A Firsthand Witness to the Tragedy

Singer B Praak has publicly shared his grief over the recent incident through a video announcement. Taking to the social media platform Instagram, he conveyed his deep disappointment, stating, “I am deeply saddened and upset. Those injured, I hope they all recover soon.”

“This incident has deeply affected me as I witnessed it firsthand. Moving forward, we must exercise great caution. Management is crucial. We must prioritize the safety of children and the elderly,” he emphasized.

In light of his heartfelt words, B Praak’s sentiments resonate as a reminder of the importance of safety and vigilance, particularly in events involving large gatherings.

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