Poonam Pandey’s Alleged Publicity Stunt: Shares Video Claiming ‘Faked Death for Cervical Cancer Awareness

Yesterday morning, surprising news emerged from Bollywood that Poonam Pandey had passed away. The news of the death of 32-year-old model and actress Poonam Pandey had caused a stir throughout the industry. However, amidst the mystery surrounding her death, on Saturday morning, news came forth that Poonam Pandey is alive and she even went live on Saturday afternoon. She had orchestrated this publicity stunt to raise awareness.

It is noteworthy that Poonam had planned to go live on Sunday morning at 10 o’clock, but considering the atmosphere on Friday, she decided to go live today (Saturday) instead. Currently, she is in Lonavala.

Poonam Pandey has shared a video on her Instagram where she appears to be in good health. In the video, she stated, “I am alive. I did not die from cervical cancer. Unfortunately, thousands of women lose their lives in the fight against cervical cancer. I cannot say that they could have done anything differently, but the reality is that they did not even know what to do. I urge you all here that cervical cancer caused by HPV can be defeated. You will just need to get tested and take the HPV vaccine.”

Poonam Pandey is now seeking forgiveness for spreading fake news about her own death on social media. In a video shared on the social media handle of the agency HAUTERRFLY, the actress is seen apologizing to her fans and social media users, stating that she orchestrated the entire stunt to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

She acknowledges her mistake and asks for forgiveness from those who were misled by the false news. Poonam Pandey clarifies that her intention behind the stunt was to spread awareness about cervical cancer, particularly the importance of regular testing and the HPV vaccine.

In response to the news of Poonam Pandey being alive after the fake news of her death circulated on social media, fans are expressing anger. One fan even went as far as to say, “This is shameless behavior.”

There is a sense of relief that I have managed to achieve what I intended with the news of my death. “Hi, I am Poonam. Please forgive me for this act. I apologize to everyone who was saddened by this. I am seeking forgiveness from everyone. My intention was to start a conversation that we don’t often have, which is about cervical cancer.

Yes… I staged my death and I know it’s quite… But suddenly, after this act, we are all talking about cervical cancer… right? It was necessary to discuss this disease, and I am proud that I have managed to start a conversation about cervical cancer.

Before considering my actions, let’s talk about this. In addition to sharing a post on Saturday, Poonam said she has created a website to raise awareness about cervical cancer. She also appealed to people to join her on this site.

Poonam wrote, “I understand that it was difficult to believe the news of my current death because of cervical cancer. I appreciate those who expressed sorrow over the news of my recent death in the last 24 hours. Before saying anything about my actions, I request you to consider this terrible disease, which puts women’s lives at risk. There was not much information about it among people, so I felt it necessary to raise awareness about it.”

She also said that when the budget talks about this serious illness, very few people pay attention to it. However, when she staged her death on this issue, hundreds of people began to think about it.

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