Dean of Siddhapur Dental College Halts Treatment, Patient Left Behind – Caught on Video

A video featuring the Dean of Siddhpur Dental College practicing at a private clinic in Ahmedabad has gone viral on social media. In the viral video, Dean Dharmendra Shah can be seen examining a patient. During this time, someone records a video on their mobile phone, and the Dean becomes aware of it. In response to this situation, Dean Dharmendra Shah clarifies, “I don’t practice in private. I treat my relatives. Years ago, I had treated the patient, and he requested me to see him. So, I checked on him. My clinic is located there, and I have rented it out. I occasionally go there, but those doctors on the board are not related to me. People are misrepresenting the video in a wrong way.”

“Practice in a Private Clinic in Khanpur Dental Hospital”

Dr. Dharmendra Shah, who has been diligently fulfilling his duty as the Dean at Siddhpur Dental College for a long time, can be seen practicing at a private clinic in the Chandkheda area of Ahmedabad in a video that has caught the attention of a concerned citizen who recorded it on their mobile phone. In the video, a person starts recording as they enter a room after opening the door. Inside, Dr. Dharmendra Shah is seen examining a patient, and a lady nurse is also present. When Dr. Dharmendra Shah gets the information that someone is making this video, he leaves the clinic. The video has sparked discussions.

“What Does the Dean Say About This Video?”

Regarding this video, Dean Dharmendra Shah explained that the video, which is raising questions, is misleading. He clarified, “I don’t practice in private. All my relatives are in Ahmedabad. I treated someone years ago. That’s why they requested me to see them. So, I used to check on them. As a result, a brother started making videos. Wherever I check, that place is owned by my relatives, and I’ve rented it. I occasionally go there, but those doctors on the board have no relation to me. People are wrongly interpreting the video.”

“What Can Be Seen in the Viral Video?”

In the viral video of Dean Dharmendra Shah, recorded on social media, a person enters a room after opening the door with their mobile phone recording. Inside, Dr. Dharmendra Shah is examining a patient, and there is also a nurse present. When Dr. Dharmendra Shah gets word that this brother is making the video, they leave the room, asking, “What are you doing, brother?” People behind the video maker follow them, with Dr. Dharmendra Shah appearing briefly, and then he quickly descends the stairs and disappears.

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