Multiple Injured in Gas Cylinder Blasts: Tragic Incident in Ramnath Village, Kalol

A gas cylinder burst occurred in Ramnath village of Kalol taluka, resulting in 22 people sustaining burns from the explosion of two gas cylinders. It is suspected that all the victims, including children and women, are from the same family. The incident has caused chaos in the hospital, and all the affected individuals have been transferred to Godhra Civil Hospital for recovery and further treatment. A team consisting of the Mamlatdar, Godhra Provincial Officer, and Police Fire Fighter has arrived at the Civil Hospital to assist. The blast was powerful enough to cause severe injuries, with some individuals suffering burns on their hands and feet. Two individuals with severe burns have been referred to Vadodara Hospital for treatment. Kalol MLA Fatesinh Chauhan has also visited the site.

Chaos erupted in Ramnath village of Kalol taluka following a gas cylinder explosion incident. Initially, people gathered around the bursting gas cylinder, and as the crowd grew, a second cylinder exploded. A total of 22 people were burnt as a result of the twin gas cylinder blasts, with two individuals in serious condition. These two individuals have been referred to Vadodara Hospital for further treatment.

The sequence of events leading to the gas blast is as follows: Nakulish Somabhai Patel, the first person to witness the incident, reported that one of the cylinders involved was empty, while the other was connected. There was a gas leakage from the empty cylinder, which the household members attempted to stop. However, their efforts were unsuccessful, and the leakage continued. This drew the attention of nearby residents, who began shouting for help. As a crowd gathered, one cylinder misfired and struck the other cylinder, causing it to explode. The resulting blast resulted in burns to all the people in the vicinity.

MLA Fatesinh Chauhan arrived at the scene Kalol

MLA Fatesinh Chauhan has arrived at the scene. He mentioned that members of the same family are suspected to have been affected by the incident. He emphasized that it was an unfortunate accident and not intentional. He expressed prayers for no loss of life.

A team led by the Mamlatdar, along with police firefighters, has reached the scene. Following a gas cylinder explosion in a house in Ramnath village of Kalol taluka, a total of 22 individuals, including eight women and children, sustained burns. All the injured were promptly transported to Kalol Referral Hospital for treatment. Those severely burnt have been referred to Godhra for further medical care. A team comprising the Mamlatdar and police firefighters reached the site of the cylinder blast in Ramnath village. The condition of two individuals remains critical, and they have been transferred to Vadodara Hospital.

All the affected individuals, comprising seven women, eight men, and six small children, were initially taken to Kalol Referral Hospital. However, due to a shortage of medical treatment and confusion among the doctors, they were eventually referred to Godhra Civil Hospital.

Here is the list of names of those who were burnt in the gas blast incident:

  1. Vishnubhai Arvindbhai Aud, 22 years old
  2. Lalabhai Dashabhai Parmar, 50 years old
  3. Jentibhai Poojabhai Rawal, 60 years old (serious condition)
  4. Majulabehan Jentibhai Rawal, 45 years old
  5. Chandanbhai Natwarlal Rawal, 46 years old
  6. Khoonan Vallabhbhai Parmar, 35 years old
  7. Tarun Bhai Shailesh Rawal, 30 years old
  8. Meghabehn Vinodbhai Rawal, 17 years old
  9. Parul sister Bharatbhai Rawal, 18 years old
  10. Jyotsanabehan Lakhanbhai Od, 30 years old
  11. Jyotsanabehan Jayantibhai Rawal, 25 years old
  12. Arohi sister Yogeshbhai Rawal, 10 years old
  13. Narmada sister Vitthal brother Aud, 45 years old
  14. Harsh Amit Kumar Rawal, 8 years old
  15. New sister Yogesh Rawal, 7 years old
  16. Arpitabahen Alpesh Rawal, 3 years old
  17. Mehul Mukeshbhai Rawal, 19 years old
  18. Rawal Punambehan Alpesh Bhai, 25 years old
  19. Ambabhen Shankarbhai Rawal, 62 years old
  20. Kishan Jentibhai Rawal, 22 years old
  21. Viraj Atulbhai Rawal, 5 years old
  22. Sureshbhai Chaganbhai Rawal

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