Vadodara AHTU Busts Spa-Turned-Couple Box Racket, Manager Nabbed, Two Partners Wanted

In the expansive locality of Akota in Vadodara city, the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) has exposed a case involving human trafficking in a flat. They apprehended the manager of the flat and made two female owners wanted.

A Rapid Operation in the Running Flat

The AHTU team received information while patrolling that in the vicinity of Saptagiri Flats, opposite Hotel Taj Vivanta in Akota, a secluded area called Couple Box was established by the dark night café-2 owner, where individuals could sit privately without being noticed in the café. The AHTU team initiated a raid upon finding couple Box in operation.

Single Arrest, Two Wanted 

The AHTU team apprehended the café manager, Sohil Razakbhai Ajmeri (Resident of Colony, Tandalja, Vadodara). Subsequently, the café owner Nilofar Sheikh (Resident of Tandalja, Vadodara) and partner Rupal Soni (Resident of Waghodia Road, Vadodara) were declared wanted. This case has led to the filing of 188 and 114 sections at the J.P. Road Police Station. The police have begun further investigations based on the complaint.

Operation Ongoing at Couple Box After Spa 

The operation against illegal activities in Daroda had been ongoing for the past few days in Vadodara and across the state. Simultaneously, an operation against couple Box has been in progress. Due to unlawful activities within Couple Box, the raid has been conducted at this location as well.

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