Charming Leela Wagah: Ram lalla’s 15-Hour Darshan with Tight Security Today, Kapats Closed Briefly in the Afternoon!

Today marks the second day after the consecration ceremony of Ram lalla in Ayodhya. Following a surge in devotees on Tuesday, stringent security measures have been implemented to manage the crowd effectively. The Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel are stationed outside the temple, overseeing crowd control operations and making announcements to guide the devotees.

On the other hand, Wednesday showcases the adorned image of Ram lalla, where he radiates in vibrant colors resembling a majestic tiger. Adorned with a golden crown, Ram lalla’s divine beauty is displayed for devotees who will have the opportunity for a 15-hour darshan, starting from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. The temple doors will be closed for only 15 minutes at noon for the deity’s offerings and prayers.

Today Ramlalla is decorated in green clothes.

To cope with the heavy influx of devotees on Tuesday, barricades have been set up, allowing devotees to queue up in an organized manner. A security official stated that due to the extensive line outside the temple, a significant waiting period is anticipated. Unlike the chaotic atmosphere on Tuesday, Wednesday is expected to be more organized, with groups being formed to escort devotees to the inner sanctum for a peaceful darshan.

Following strict directives from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, rigorous security checks have been carried out, enabling the faithful to access the Ram Janmabhoomi pathway. The police, taking measures to control the crowd, installed robust steel railings on Tuesday night to ensure the safety and smooth flow of the devotees.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Ensures Orderly Conduct During Ram lalla Darshan

In a helicopter arrival yesterday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath undertook the responsibility of managing the burgeoning crowd, reassuring the public through a public address system not to panic. This marked the first day of darshan for devotees following the consecration of Ram lalla on Tuesday. Throughout the day, a significant congregation of devotees was witnessed.

Due to the overwhelming presence of devotees, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath arrived in Ayodhya at approximately 4 o’clock in the afternoon via helicopter. Utilizing the public address system, he appealed to the gathering not to create chaos for darshan. Following his intervention, the crowd began to disperse, restoring a sense of normalcy in Ayodhya.

Over 5 Lakh Devotees Witness Ram lalla Darshan in Ayodhya

Over 5 Lakh Devotees Witness Ram lalla Darshan in Ayodhya

In a significant turnout, more than 5 lakh devotees flocked to witness the darshan of Ram lalla in Ayodhya. During this time, Principal Secretary of Home Affairs, Sanjay Prasad, and Special DG Prashant Kumar were present in the sanctum sanctorum to oversee the arrangements until late evening. Devotees were urged to patiently await their turn, with the Principal Secretary and Special DG actively managing the crowd for an organized darshan.

An appeal was made to devotees to plan their visit for Ram lalla’s darshan in the coming 10-15 days to ensure a smoother experience. Approximately 8,000 police personnel were deployed to maintain order and facilitate the movement of devotees. District Magistrate Neetish Kumar has taken charge and appointed eight magistrates to coordinate the seamless functioning of the arrangements in Ayodhya. The overwhelming turnout on Tuesday witnessed over 5 lakh devotees successfully partaking in the divine darshan of Ram lalla.

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