Surat EpiCenter Exposed: Fake Doctors, Ghee-Paneer, Bogus Marksheets

In the past four days, incidents of using fake Aadhaar proofs have been on the rise in Surat. Within these four days, cases have been reported of fake doctors, followed by counterfeit paneer, ghee, bogus university mark sheets, and now even government Aadhaar proofs being forged at convenience centers. A raid was conducted at the Jan Seva Kendra operated by Bhagwati Consultancy in Kapodra Extension by the Revenue Department and Kapodra Police. Police have also arrested an accused operating a fake Aadhaar center. Computers, printers, along with fake Aadhaar proofs were confiscated.

Bogus Public Service Center at Jan Seva Kendra

A Jan Seva Kendra named Bhagwati Consultancy, operating under the name of Kiran Chowk in Kapodra Extension of Surat, has been functioning for quite some time. This Jan Seva Kendra used to issue various government documents such as Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, ration cards, income certificates, etc. But now it has come to light that this Jan Seva Kendra is entirely bogus. It has been found that comprehensive documents were being fabricated through this, operated by Nikunj Dudhat.

Police Nab Nikunj Dudhat

Nikunj Dudhat had set up a Jan Seva Kendra under the name Bhagwati Consultancy. This Jan Seva Kendra was functioning without any kind of license from the government to operate. This fact came to the knowledge of the police and subsequently, a team of the Revenue Department and Kapodra Police raided the fake Jan Seva Kendra being run by Nikunj Dudhat. A complaint had been lodged against him by the revenue officer at the Kapodra Police Station.

Forgery of Fake Government Documents Unearthed

ACP Vipul Patel revealed that the accused Naresh Dudhat had been providing people with duplicate Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, ration cards, income certificates, etc., in exchange for money. Upon raiding his office, it was discovered that his computer and laptop contained word files of various government documents like Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, ration cards, which were being used to prepare duplicate forms based on which fake documents were being issued to people. The police found forged government documents during the raid at his office.

Possibility of Shocking Revelations for Police in Interrogation

ACP Vipul Patel further disclosed that the accused had been granted remand until March 26. The police are interrogating him. Currently, the police are examining the laptops and computers of the accused. As he has been involved in making fake Aadhaar proofs, the police are rigorously investigating whether he has also provided such documents to Bangladeshi infiltrators in Surat illegally. Hence, the police are anticipating the possibility of receiving shocking revelations during the interrogation of Nikunj Dudhat in the coming days.

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