Rohan Gupta Quits Congress: Emotional Post Cites Party Disrespect as Reason

On March 18, after withdrawing his nomination from the Lok Sabha elections following a meeting in Ahmedabad, Rohan Gupta has also resigned from the Congress today. Discussions were ongoing even after withdrawing his nomination. During this period, Rohan Gupta revealed that his father is ill. He hadn’t been prepared to contest the elections initially, but after discussing with his father, preparations had begun. However, after his father expressed concerns about not contesting the election, he decided not to contest to take care of his family.

Social Media Announcement of Resignation

Rohan Gupta announced his resignation from Congress on the social media platform. He targeted a Congress leader, surprising both himself and his father Rajkumar Gupta.

Timeline Confirms Resignation

According to the timeline, the resignation has been confirmed. Manish Doshi stated that using the Congress for positions and prestige, he got the ticket and resigned citing his father’s health. The timeline was confirmed, and accordingly, resignation was submitted. It seemed evident to the party. We received details about this at the national level. Despite remaining in the party, they had a different inclination. The party had given him a ticket, which was our strategy, and we even considered it. Ahmed Patel was contesting for the Rajya Sabha. Apart from that, the discussions within the Congress party were also against him, so we decided to keep Rohan Gupta away from many discussions.

Joining BJP Soon

It is feared that they will join the BJP shortly. When Hemang Raval announced that Rohan Gupta had resigned, allegations were made against him. It’s true that for three years, Congress has kept quiet about the coronavirus. During the Rajya Sabha elections, Rohan Gupta leaked information about going to Bangalore. He had been seen going to the bungalow with national leaders in Delhi frequently. When asked, it was said that the PM’s convoy had come, so I went inside. Several political analysts have also criticized this. There is a feud between Rohan Gupta and Ajay Patel, close to Amit Shah. Ajay Patel had filed a case against Rahul Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi had appeared in court. Congress knew they were leaving, so they only gave them the ticket. Our workers did not react aggressively. Sometimes they make websites, sometimes applications, and later applications. It’s uncertain where they will go; they will join the BJP shortly.

Candidacy Announced on March 12 and Resignation on March 18

Rohan Gupta’s name was announced on March 12, and within six days, he sent a letter to State President Shaktisinh Gohil, expressing his desire not to contest. In the letter, Gupta stated that his father Rajkumar Gupta’s health deteriorated, and he was admitted to the hospital. Due to this reason, he has resigned.

Who is Rohan Gupta?

Rohan Gupta, the son of Gujarat Congress leader Rajkumar Gupta, graduated from a private college in Pune. They joined the Congress in 2012 and have since held various positions. Rajkumar Gupta has been responsible for Gujarat Congress for years.

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