Two Students Disappear Mysteriously in Surat: Letter Found in Bag, ‘I am Leaving to Succeed, Will Return in Ten Years, Don’t Search for Me’; CCTV in Train Captures Them

Two young friends, living on Canal Road in Palanpur and studying with tuition, have been reported missing by their families to the local police station. One of the friend’s tuition bag contains a letter stating, “I am going to succeed and won’t return for ten years. Don’t search for me.

Based on CCTV footage, the police initiated an investigation. Both friends were seen boarding a train to Ahmedabad in the CCTV footage, prompting teams from Palanpur Police and Randhir Police to start searching for them. However, there have been no leads so far. Further investigation is being conducted by PSI J.M. Bariya.

A 14-year-old adolescent (name changed) residing in a society on Canal Road in Palanpur, who attended tuition classes on Dho.9, used to go to tuition classes near his home. He used to study with 14-year-old Lalit, who also lived nearby. They shared a friendship. Yesterday, both friends went missing since yesterday afternoon. Therefore, both families conducted a search, but no clues were found.

The family also checked the CCTV footage of neighboring houses. It was found during the inspection of the society’s CCTV footage where Lalit resides, that Kishore came to Lalit’s house yesterday afternoon. Later, both friends left Lalit’s house. After this, a letter was found in Lalit’s tuition bag. It stated, “I am going to succeed and will not return in ten years.” Therefore, both families informed the police station.

Upon seeing them boarding the train bound for Ahmedabad, the Pal police noted the suspicion of abduction and initiated an investigation. Both the Pal and Randher police jointly collaborated and checked all the CCTV footage available in the vicinity. It revealed that all friends were seen at the railway station, and they were also observed boarding the train headed to Ahmedabad.

There is concern that someone might have taken them to cultivate their land, and both children may have been dropped off at the Ankleshwar station. The Pal and Randher police have launched a search operation for both individuals. Currently, the police are investigating the suspicion that someone tempted the children to go with them to cultivate their land. Alongside this, the family members of the teenager, including his father, are also actively involved in searching for the children.

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