Horrific Incident in Surat: Lover Burns Partner Alive with Petrol at 1:45 AM; Conceals Victim’s Death in Temple Amidst Suspicions

In a disturbing incident in the Katargam area of Surat, a shocking event has unfolded. During the night, a man set his step lover on fire by dousing her with petrol while she was alive. Subsequently, the woman was rushed to the hospital for treatment, where she succumbed to her injuries during the course of medical care. This tragic incident underscores the grave consequences of domestic conflicts and highlights the urgent need for societal awareness and intervention to prevent such atrocities. 

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing issues of relationship violence and promoting a culture of mutual respect and understanding. Authorities must take prompt action to investigate the matter thoroughly and ensure that justice is served for the victim and her family.

Family members of the deceased.

Radha’s Five-Year Cohabitation with Shambhu

According to available information, Radha Gatubhai Jharapada, aged 50, had been residing with her family near Lalita Chowkdi in the Katargam area. Radha was involved in a romantic relationship with a young man named Shambhu. Her husband lived in Rajasthan, while Radha lived with her son and daughter. She had been cohabiting with Shambhu for the past five years.

Nighttime Tragedy: Radha Attacked with Petrol

During the night, an appalling incident unfolded as Radha’s family gathered on the footpath. At around 1:45 a.m., Shambhu arrived wielding petrol and viciously poured it over Radha, setting her ablaze. The uproar awakened Radha’s family members from their sleep. Subsequently, the authorities, including the police and emergency services, were notified about the harrowing event. In the midst of chaos, Shambhu managed to escape from the scene.

Family Grieves Amidst Tragedy

Radha was rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention via ambulance service 108. Upon admission to the emergency department, she was promptly attended to. However, due to severe burns, she succumbed to her injuries early in the morning at around 6:00 AM. The atmosphere within the family turned somber with the weight of mourning for the loss of their mother.

File photo of the deceased.

Doctors Declare Deceased: Daughter Speaks Out

The daughter of the deceased, Manisha Jharapada, disclosed, “We were all asleep when Shambhu poured petrol and set my mother on fire. He then fled the scene. We called the police. After my mother was rushed to the hospital and treated, the doctors declared her dead.”

The accused was arrested in a matter of minutes.

Incited by Misconceptions, Set Ablaze with Petrol

It was revealed that my father works in agriculture back home, and we have been living here in Gujarat, managing a grocery store along with my mother. Shambhu harbored suspicions about my mother conversing with someone else. In this misconception, he poured petrol and set her on fire.

Accused Apprehended

Following the heinous act of pouring petrol and setting Radha on fire, Shambhu sought refuge in a nearby Mahadev temple. Upon notification by the family, the police apprehended Shambhu from the Mahadev temple premises. Presently, the police have detained Shambhu and are further investigating the case, charging him with the crime of murder.

ACP L.B. Zala.

Eight-Year Relationship Confirmed: L.B. Jhala

According to ACP L.B. Jhala, it has been disclosed that there was an eight-year romantic relationship between the deceased and the accused. Just two days prior, there was also a quarrel due to suspicions of the deceased having an affair with someone else. Consequently, the accused harbored doubts of infidelity in the night, leading to the tragic event. The accused is swiftly undergoing further investigation and legal proceedings.

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