Aether Energy Set to Unveil Cutting-Edge Family Scooter in Early 2024 with Best-in-Class Features, CEO Announces

Ather Energy is gearing up to launch a new family electric scooter. The test unit of this scooter was recently spotted on the roads of Bangalore. The scooter is expected to be launched later this year, and its name has not been revealed yet. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Tarun Mehta, confirmed this development on his social media profile.

Family-Centric Design for the New Scooter: Tarun Mehta

Keeping the family in mind, a new scooter is being prepared: Tarun Mehta shares his thoughts on the upcoming launch. Tarun Mehta posted on X, saying, ‘Time for a family scooter… and more. After perfecting the Ather 450, we believe there is a demand for a new scooter. Many people prefer Ather Energy as a brand, but we believe there should be a larger family scooter. Therefore, we are gearing up to launch a family scooter in 2024.’

Tarun further wrote, ‘This scooter is designed with your entire family in mind, providing comfort, height, and many features. It creates an excellent package that ensures a superior experience for more people to enjoy the Ather family.’

The CEO stated, ‘Over the past few years, we have built a strong community that appreciates the design and performance of the OG-450. With its outstanding performance and clean, sharp, and minimalist design, the scooter has carved a unique niche for itself. So, as people love the 450X, we plan to launch a new scooter in the 450 series with new developments in a short time.’

Best-in-Class Features in the New Scooter, Launch at a Premium Price

He further mentioned, ‘The new scooter will have best-in-class features. We are planning to launch this scooter at a premium price in early 2024. Trust me, it is worth every price.’

Tarun Mehta’s post suggests that the new scooter will be based on the current 450 range and will be named 450X HR and 450S HR. Both these models are based on the 450 series with the HR designation.

Previously, Mehta had shared a photo of the upcoming Ather electric scooter on X, showcasing transparent panels on the scooter. The upcoming model is expected to be called Series 2 and is anticipated to be a special edition model of the new-born 450X. It is not clear yet whether the upcoming Gen 450X will have similar features to the current Gen-3 450X or offer any distinct features.

In October of this year, Ather had launched updates to the 450X, which now comes with two battery options – 2.9 kWh and 3.7 kWh. Besides hardware and cosmetic upgrades, expectations are high for a software upgrade to the battery management system, which will improve thermal efficiency and overall range for the upcoming Ather 450 electric scooter.

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