Delhi Policeman Suspended for Kicking Praying Muslims: Community Protests at Police Station

A video showing a police officer assaulting worshippers performing Namaz on the road in Delhi has gone viral. In the video, the officer is seen kicking the worshippers. The incident took place in the Indralok area of Delhi.

As the controversy escalated, the police issued an investigation order, following which the accused sub-inspector has been suspended. On the other hand, members of the Muslim community protested the incident and surrounded the police station.

Congress MP Imran Pratapgarhi had posted this video.

The sub-inspector kicked two people.

According to the video, a police officer is seen kicking a person from behind while they are praying on the street. He also uses derogatory language towards them. Then, he kicks another person as well. Later, he instructs the people praying to leave the area.

After the sub-inspector’s misconduct, many people disperse from the scene and negotiate with him. Many individuals have recorded the police officer’s actions. In the video, one person’s voice can be heard saying, “This police officer is kicking people who are praying.”

Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police, M.K. Meena, stated that an investigation into the case will be initiated, and appropriate action will be taken.

Niyati Rao

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