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Instagram Enables Global Reels Download Feature, Beyond Previous US-Only Rollout

Instagram has introduced the “Real Download” feature for users worldwide on its short video and image-sharing platform. With this feature, users can download Reels without the need for third-party apps. Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, announced on his broadcast channel, “Now you can save any public account’s Reel. The watermark, like the handle’s voter mark, will be visible on the downloaded Reel.”

Disabling Reels Download for Users

Adam Mosseri mentioned that Reels download is not available for sharing through a private account. Users with public accounts can disable the Reels download option from their account settings, preventing others from downloading their Reels.

Process of Downloading Instagram Reels

  1. Open the Reel you want to download.
  2. Tap on the share icon located on the bottom right of the app.
  3. Below the copy link option, you’ll find the download option.
  4. Tap on the download option, and you can download the Reels.

How Users Currently Download Reels on Instagram

Currently, users download Reels on Instagram through third-party apps or hidden tricks. Apart from this, users set their stories to save them, and then they download Reels from there.

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