Ahmedabad’s Smart Parking: A New Era in Urban Mobility

In Ahmedabad, discussions about parking often involve concerns about fines, but now, leaving vehicles parked irresponsibly seems less appealing. To address these challenges, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has introduced a novel experiment to enforce parking discipline. The city has now launched its Smart Parking system, starting with a pilot project near Gotila Garden on Sindhu Bhavan Road. 

Here, users can conveniently make payments by scanning a code through their mobile phones, marking the beginning of a new era in parking management for Ahmedabad.

Initiating Smart Parking with Five Spaces

Traffic congestion along public roads in Ahmedabad has been a significant concern for the AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation), exacerbated by haphazard parking practices. In response, under the Smart City project, the AMC has launched the Smart Parking initiative as a pilot project within the city. 

The commencement of Smart Parking begins near Gotila Garden, where five smart parking spaces are being introduced. Following the success of this pilot project, the initiative will expand to other roads across the city, promising more organized and efficient parking solutions for Ahmedabad residents.

Cars Will Park Automatically via Sensors

During a significant discussion on the development of the Smart Parking project, it was emphasized that the project wouldn’t rely on manpower. Under this Smart Parking project, drivers will not require human intervention to find parking spots. Within four minutes, your car will automatically lock via sensors once parked in the designated parking space. After scanning and completing the payment process, the automatic lock will disengage, allowing you to park seamlessly.

Your Car Will Exit Afterwards

Your Car Will Exit Afterwards

Subsequently, your car will exit the parking space automatically. Furthermore, the Smart Parking system will indicate the estimated time for your vehicle to be retrieved from the parking spot until it’s brought out. Based on this, you’ll be able to make the payment accordingly online.

Expansion Plans Upon Success

It was further emphasized with great confidence that if the project proves successful, it will be initiated in other areas as well. Hardik DhaKane conveyed that this project is currently under the Smart City development as a pilot project. If it attains success, it will be implemented across various expansions within the city. Presently, no charges are being levied for this service.

However, Parking Charges Expected After AMC Policy

After establishing policies with the AMC, parking charges are likely to be implemented. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether people will opt to use this Smart Parking system or not.

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