Life-Saving Surgery: Karuna Abhiyan Experts Remove 45 kg of Plastic Waste from Cow’s Stomach, Granting a Second Chance at Life

Karuna Campaign Rescues Cow with 45 kg of Plastic in its Stomach

In a tragic incident highlighting the environmental impact of plastic waste, a cow in the city of Godhra was found with a staggering 45 kg of plastic in its stomach. The cow had been consuming plastic waste from open disposal areas, causing severe health issues.

Responding to the situation, the Karuna Ambulance team, led by Dr. Shaileshbhai Panchal and Rajendrasinh Chauhan, conducted an operation to remove the massive accumulation of plastic from the cow’s stomach. The successful four-hour operation saved the cow’s life and marked a significant victory for the Karuna Campaign against plastic pollution.

The typical weight of the cow, ranging from 350 to 400 kg, makes the 45 kg plastic waste in its stomach a substantial portion of its total body weight. This incident underscores the urgent need for responsible waste disposal practices to prevent harm to animals and the environment.

Cow Rescued with Plastic-filled Stomach Exhibits Remarkable Recovery

During a four-hour-long operation, a significant amount of plastic waste was extracted from the stomach of a cow in Godhra. The plastic, weighing 45 kg, posed a severe threat to the health of the cow, which had been consuming plastic from open disposal areas.

The skilled team from the Karuna Ambulance, led by Dr. Shaileshbhai Panchal and Rajendrasinh Chauhan, successfully removed the plastic debris, saving the cow’s life. The operation highlighted the critical issue of plastic pollution affecting animals and the environment.

This incident emphasizes the need for responsible waste disposal to prevent harm to animals. Animals like cows suffer from ingesting plastic, affecting their health and well-being. The recovery of the cow signifies the positive impact of intervention and raises awareness about the importance of proper waste management.

Sick Cow in Panchmahal District Recovers After Plastic Removal Surgery

A cow in the Panchmahal district, located in the Parvadi Animal Shelter, had been suffering from a prolonged illness. The caretakers at the shelter, alarmed by the cow’s deteriorating health, consulted experts from the Karuna Ambulance team. Upon examination, the veterinarians discovered a significant amount of plastic debris in the cow’s stomach, weighing 45 kg.

The team, with expertise in rescue and healthcare for animals, performed a successful operation to remove the plastic waste from the cow’s stomach. The surgery, conducted by the Karuna Ambulance veterinary doctors, led to the recovery of the cow, giving it a new lease on life.

Cow in Panchmahal District Recovers from Dehydration after Plastic Removal Surgery

In the Parvadi Animal Shelter situated in Panchmahal district’s Panchjarapole, where thousands of animals are sheltered, an emaciated cow was found on the roadside. The cow was not only suffering from severe dehydration but also revealed signs of plastic ingestion. Concerned about the gravity of the situation, the shelter administrators sought assistance from the Karuna Ambulance team of veterinarians.

Upon examination, the veterinary team confirmed the presence of foreign substances, presumably plastic, in the cow’s stomach. Recognizing the urgency, the team decided to proceed with a surgical intervention. The operation successfully removed a massive 45 kg plastic mass from the cow’s stomach.

Post the four-hour-long operation, the cow regained health, marking a successful recovery. The veterinarians and shelter administrators were astonished to discover the extent of plastic ingestion, emphasizing the need for responsible waste management to protect animals from such life-threatening situations.

This incident highlights the profound impact of plastic pollution on animals and underscores the significance of timely medical interventions and public awareness about responsible waste disposal.

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