BJP Directive: 85 City Roads Urgently Completed for Gujarat Vibrant Summit

As the imminent Gujarat Vibrant Summit approaches next month, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has directed a prompt conclusion of various developmental initiatives, notably focusing on road infrastructure in Ahmedabad. In today’s standing committee meeting, discussions centered around the efficient execution of road projects across different zones. The directive mandates the completion of work on 85 roads spanning a total distance of 59 kilometers within all seven zones by December 31. The projected expenditure for this undertaking is estimated at 313.36 crores.

Urgent Reiteration of Road Work Directives by BJP Authorities in the Wake of Delayed Progress

Following a directive from the municipal commissioner, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) authorities convened in the standing committee today to address and reissue instructions regarding the city’s ongoing road projects. Despite previous directives, the post-Diwali phase has witnessed a lag in the pace of road construction, prompting the need for renewed focus and urgency.

With the imminent Gujarat Vibrant Summit on the horizon, the BJP authorities underscored the critical importance of completing road works promptly. The delay in road construction after Diwali has resulted in incomplete projects, necessitating immediate attention to meet the set deadlines.

In response to this urgency, a comprehensive discussion took place during the standing committee meeting, with a specific emphasis on roads along the Vibrant Summit route. A stringent deadline of December 31 has been established to ensure the timely completion of all roads leading to the summit venue.

Detailed updates provided during the meeting revealed that significant work is underway in multiple zones, with the western zone hosting construction on 15 roads and the northern zone witnessing development on 12 roads. Notably, a substantial road project covering 21,690 meters is currently in progress, comprising 17 roads. The financial commitment to these endeavors stands at 188.13 crore rupees.

The financial allocation reflects the BJP’s commitment to overcoming the existing delays and ensuring the completion of critical road projects aligning with the Vibrant Summit schedule. The city’s image and preparedness for the summit are contingent on the timely execution of these infrastructure projects.

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