44 Pilgrims from Vadodara Stranded 30km from Yamunotri, Spend Night on Road, Thousands Stuck in Traffic Jam

From Karjan, Vadodara, 44 devotees of Mehbub Travels embarked on a Char Dham pilgrimage. On the 13th night, at 7:30, they were 30 kilometers away from Yamunotri. Shailesh Patel, the conductor, stated that they had halted the conveyance at 7:30 at night, informing the barcode or administration. Forty-four devotees traveled with us on the bus. Meanwhile, on the road, they encountered a long queue of a thousand vehicles.

Accommodation Woes

There was no space in the hotel or guesthouse. There was no place to pay more. Since there was no provision for accommodation in the dark, they had to manage lodging arrangements among themselves. Fortunately, the weather was fine, so the difficulty did not escalate. On Tuesday morning, after the darshan of Yamunotri, they set off for Gangotri in the evening. It is noteworthy that 500 devotees from Vadodara had visited Yamunotri three days earlier, returning without visiting due to the crowd.

Financial Constraints

There was no place to pay more for reservation. We had arranged for night stay in the hotel with barcode or buyer, but the local system had shut down the conveyance. Forty-four devotees were accommodated on the bus. There was no place to pay more for reservation. – Shailesh Patel, Conductor

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