Vadodara-Ahmedabad Marriage Bureau Director Caught in Scam: Weds Youth with Aurangabad Girl, Extorts 5 Lakhs

A young man residing near Vadodara engaged in the transportation business was seeking a bride for marriage. During this search, the managers of a marriage bureau arranged his marriage with a girl from Aurangabad, taking a dowry of five lakh rupees. After the young man went for business, the bride, along with gold ornaments worth twelve thousand rupees, disappeared. When the investigation revealed the truth about the bride’s disappearance, the police couldn’t apprehend her even after five days.

Transportation Business

According to the complaint filed at Manjusar Police Station, a lone resident in Vemali village is involved in the transportation business. Being an orphan, he operates the transportation business and was searching for a bride. During his search, he met Sejal Joshi, the manager of Shrinathji Bureau located near Uma Char Rasta in the city, who introduced him to Kiran Arjan Jhala, alias Kiran Arjan Joshi, the manager of Ahmedabad Marriage Bureau.

Marriage in February

In February, he got married, meeting Diksha, the daughter of Jaynath Borade and Kusum Jaynath Borade, residents of Sanjaynagar in Aurangabad. The marriage took place at Ramol Royal Restaurant on February 26, 2024, at three in the afternoon. According to the fixed agreement, Sejal Joshi, Kiran Arjan Jhala from Ahmedabad Marriage Bureau, and Diksha’s sister-in-law Preeti Borade received a total of five lakh rupees, consisting of 2,72,000 rupees and 2,27,000 rupees.

Happy Complaint after Marriage

After the marriage, Diksha came to stay in Vemali with her husband. Ten days later, after some financial transactions with her husband, she went to the house of Kiran Jhala, the manager of Ahmedabad Marriage Bureau. A few days later, the young man brought Diksha back to Vemali. At that time, her parents also came. They stayed for a week and then returned home after the financial transactions were completed. Although the young man was happy after the marriage, he had no idea how long the happiness of marriage would last.

Wife Deceived with the First Tranche

On March 30, the complainant went to the police station for business purposes. Meanwhile, his wife, pretending to be married, had taken the first installment of the dowry, a gold chain, and Rs 12,000 in cash placed by the husband in the household safe. When the youth from the business returned home and didn’t find his wife, he searched around but found no clue. He then contacted Kiran, the manager of the marriage bureau in Ahmedabad, who assured him not to worry. I have visited his house. I will bring her back. What are you going to do now?

Unraveling the Fraudulent Scheme

According to Kiran, whatever needs to be done should be done according to the given time. He will not be able to come to Diksha’s house from me. Later, during the investigation, it was revealed that this Tolaki is involved in deceiving young men aspiring to marry, making false marriages.

The Wheels of Tolaki’s Capture Spin

During the investigation, when the complainant learned about the affair with his wife, he informed Sejal Joshi, the manager of the Srinath Marriage Bureau near Vadodara, Kiran alias Kiran Zala, the manager of the marriage bureau in Ahmedabad, and Jaynath Borde, the husband of Kusum Borde, who had come with his wife for Diksha in front of the Borde Board, and lodged a complaint of embezzlement and breach of trust of Rs 5 lakh. Consequently, the police took action based on the complaint lodged.

No Resolution in Sight

The complainant, the victim of the fraudulent bride and her accomplices, informed that although five days have passed since the complaint was lodged, the police have not been able to apprehend any of the accused. This Tolaki has filed a false case of chickenpox against a youth in Aurangabad. After this, he is cheating another youth by arranging a marriage. I am the third victim of this Tolaki’s scheme, who has suffered. I am trying to resolve this with the help of the police, but I am not getting any resolution. My only wish is that strict action should be taken against this Tolaki so that young people like me are saved from falling into his trap. I have all the evidence against this Tolaki. I have audio and video recordings of conversations with over 100 victims.

Government’s Official Response to Manjusar Police

It has been five days since the complaint was filed against the fraudulent bride and her accomplices, but they have not been apprehended yet. It was also informed that no arrests of the accused have been made yet. The investigation is ongoing. Such a government routine response was given. It is noteworthy that the police are trying to apprehend the accused only after all the evidence against the Tolaki is provided by the complainant.

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