Gujarat’s Wedding Trends: Exotic Flowers in Theme-Based Decor, Prices Range from Rs.600 to Rs.700 per Bloom

After Diwali, the season of weddings begins in India, signifying the start of the marriage season. Weddings are synonymous with floral arrangements, and in recent years, there has been a growing trend of incorporating both traditional and exotic flowers, especially in Gujarat. Social media has played a significant role in popularizing diverse-themed decorations in every function, showcasing the fusion of native and foreign blooms. The use of foreign flowers alongside indigenous ones has become prevalent, with the cost of a single exotic flower ranging from 600 to 700 rupees. Even during economically challenging times, people do not compromise on the grandeur of wedding decorations.

Unique Floral Themes for Theme-Based Decorations

In theme-based decorations, various types of flowers are used for different functions. Originality and continuity are crucial for maintaining aesthetics, making people prefer authentic flowers. Many individuals invest heavily in decorations, focusing on the delicacy and freshness of flowers, creating a luxurious atmosphere. Theme-based decorations involve the use of various flowers, catering to the mood of each function. Weddings in the Hindu tradition involve several pre and post-wedding ceremonies, such as Mehendi, Haldi, and musical events, each providing an opportunity for unique flower decorations.

Green-themed Decorations for Mehendi Functions

Mehendi and Haldi ceremonies hold significant importance in Hindu rituals, and their celebration has gained momentum in recent times. Green-themed decorations are popular for Mehendi functions, where the use of white flowers is predominant. Desi flowers are extensively used in Mehendi functions, including fragrant flowers like Rajnigandha, Champa, and Zerberra. Roses are also commonly used for their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, rose petals are utilized for a classic look, creating a beautiful ambiance for the celebration.

Yellow-themed Decorations for Haldi Functions

According to current trends, people tend to prioritize yellow-themed decorations for Haldi functions. These decorations often include indigenous marigold flowers, and the combination of yellow and saffron-colored decorations is prevalent. The Haldi function has become an occasion to experiment with different shades of yellow, incorporating turmeric and marigold garlands. Additionally, the trend of using exotic flowers like orchids and lilies, especially in yellow, has gained popularity in recent years.

Exotic Floral Demand for Musical Functions

The musical function, a pivotal part of wedding festivities, usually takes place in the evening. During this event, there is a high demand for exotic flowers, often imported. Flowers like carnations, tuberoses, and English roses in various colors are extensively used. The latest trend involves using a range of imported flowers to create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere. Gypsophila, also known as Baby’s Breath, has become highly popular in recent years, contributing to a rich and elegant look for musical functions.

Inclusion of Exotic Flowers in Wedding Theft Decorations

Wedding day holds special significance for each couple and their families. Special attention is given to decorations to make the day even more memorable. While traditional customs are followed in weddings, there is an increasing trend of incorporating exotic flowers in theft decorations. Exotic flowers like Liliums, Anthuriums, and Brassica are used in theft decorations, along with the continued preference for traditional flowers like Rajnigandha and Sevanti. This combination adds a touch of uniqueness and richness to the overall decor, providing a blend of tradition and modernity in wedding decorations.

Introduction to Post-Diwali Wedding Season:

After Diwali, the wedding season kicks off in India, signifying a surge in celebrations. Weddings in India often involve elaborate decorations with a growing trend of incorporating both indigenous and foreign flowers in the decor. Social media has played a significant role in popularizing diverse-themed decorations for various functions, capturing the attention and interest of the youth. The use of exotic flowers alongside traditional ones has become prevalent, with some flowers costing between 600 to 700 rupees.

Diverse Flower Usage for Theme-Based Decorations:

For theme-based decorations, the use of different flowers is emphasized. The preference for real flowers is seen, emphasizing their natural beauty and fragrance. Many people are willing to spend extravagantly on decorations, focusing on the delicacy and freshness of flowers. Theme-based decorations with a variety of flowers are popular, and even in traditional ceremonies, flowers play a crucial role.

Green Theme for Mehendi Function:

In Mehendi functions, a green-themed decoration is prevalent. Hindu rituals like Mehendi and Haldi hold great importance, and the decoration trends align with the colors associated with these ceremonies. Green-themed decor with indigenous and foreign flowers like Rajnigandha, Sevanti, and Zerbera is a common choice.

Yellow Theme for Haldi Function:

Yellow-themed decorations are prominent in Haldi functions. Following contemporary trends, people prefer yellow-themed decor, incorporating both traditional marigold flowers and exotic flowers like English Roses and Lilies. The combination of traditional and exotic flowers has become popular for a rich and classy look.

Usage of Exotic Flowers in Music Functions:

The music function, a significant part of weddings, witnesses a high demand for exotic flowers. Imported flowers like Carnations, Tuberoses, and various colored English Roses are extensively used in music functions. Gypsies or baby’s breath flowers have been trending in recent years, giving a unique touch to the overall decor.

Exotic Flowers in Stolen Moments of Weddings:

In stolen moments of weddings, exotic flowers play a crucial role in the overall decor. The theft, as an intentional disruption, has become a part of the wedding rituals, and exotic flowers like Exotic Lilies, Anthuriums, and Brassica are often used for this particular function. The combination of exotic and traditional flowers, with the additional fragrance of Rajnigandha and Sevanti, creates a memorable ambiance.

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