Youth’s Tragic Wedding Trip on Ahmedabad-Kutch Highway: Car Flips, Ends in Icy Waters 20 Feet Away, 4 Dead

Today, a tragic incident occurred near the Dhraangadhra Bypass on the Ahmedabad-Kutch Highway, where a swift car carrying youths, who were returning home after attending a wedding, overturned and jumped over the divider. This resulted in the deaths of four youths, and two others sustained serious injuries. The accident was so severe that the car’s engine was thrown 20 feet away.

Details of the Incident

The youths, who had attended a wedding in Golaasana village of Dhraangadhra taluka, were on their way back. After spending the night at a hotel, they were returning to Haldav, their hometown. The driver lost control while maneuvering the steering, causing the car to flip and collide with the divider, propelling over to the opposite side where an ice cream vendor named Aaisar was stationed. The impact with Aaisar’s station was so forceful that the car’s engine was thrown 20 feet away.

Fatalities and Injuries

As a result of the accident, four youths lost their lives. Two others, who suffered severe injuries, were rushed to Dhraangadhra government hospital in an ambulance. The gravity of the incident led to traffic jams on the highway.

Police Action and Investigation

Upon learning about the incident, Dhraangadhra police rushed to the scene to manage the situation. The bodies of the deceased were sent for post-mortem to the Dhraangadhra government hospital. The police are conducting a thorough investigation into the accident and are taking statements from witnesses to understand the sequence of events leading to this unfortunate incident.

Names of the deceased

  1. Karshan Thakor
  2. Kiran Thakor
  3. Kana Bhupatbhai Thakor
  4. Umesh Thakor

Names of the injured

  1. Amit Thakor
  2. Kana Raidhanbhai Thakor

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