Saina Nehwal Shares Inside Glimpse of Reliance Township: Luxurious Tent for Guests, Badminton Star Shows off Room with Garba Fun

The three-day pre-wedding function of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant kicks off today. Even Bollywood and Hollywood stars are arriving in Jamnagar for the pre-wedding festivities. Airport and township alike are decorated akin to a bride’s attire to welcome the guests. Along with Bollywood, stars from the sports world are also guests of the Ambani family. Badminton star Saina Nehwal shared a glimpse of the township on Instagram.

Entertainment and Facilities at the Tent City

Badminton star Saina Nehwal had organized a Garba session on Gujarati songs outside her tent and also made a video showcasing the facilities available inside her tent. When it comes to tents… just like a bungalow with all kinds of amenities, this luxurious tent in Alishaan has been set up. Ambani family ensured that celebrities face no inconvenience. To prevent any disturbances, a garden has been set up, and the entire tent city is decorated in a pink theme. Separate tent facilities have been arranged for all guests attending the pre-wedding.

The First Day of Pre-Wedding Events

The first event will start at 5:30 PM today. The entire Ambani family will address the gathering at the event. Following that, there will be performances by the stars. Later, there will be a fashion show. After this, a drone show is also planned. It is said that a drone show like this has never been organized before at an Ambani event. After the drone show, there will be a performance by Rihanna. Dinner will be served after this.

Modern Tent City Set Up for VIPs

For some VIPs, an ultra-modern tent has been set up in the township, complete with all facilities including bathrooms. The tent has been decorated to look like a house. Many VIPs will be accommodated here. The decision to place politicians and foreign company owners in the bungalows or the tent city has been made according to their preferences. It took two months to complete the work on these bungalows. Each person has been prepared with care.

Construction of 150 Bungalows in Township for VVIPs Besides Weddings

Reliance has made special arrangements within Reliance Township to accommodate VIPs and VVIPs from both India and abroad attending pre-wedding events of Mukesh Ambani’s son, Anant Ambani, and Radhika Merchant. These arrangements have been in place for the last two months. Within the township, around 150 luxurious bungalows have been constructed, offering modern amenities to VVIP and VIP guests.

All Types of Facilities Available in Bungalows

Reliance Township has constructed 150 bungalows for various dignitaries, including politicians, corporate tycoons, spiritual leaders, celebrities from the film industry, and cricketing world, to accommodate them during pre-wedding events. These bungalows feature 3 bedrooms, a hall, kitchen, and modern bathrooms, among other amenities. Special arrangements have been made to ensure the comfort of VVIP guests. The interior design of these bungalows is also crafted to match the standards prevalent in Mumbai. The bungalows will offer privacy to the guests, along with modern facilities tailored to their daily needs.

Full Occupancy in Major Hotel Resorts

Several major hotels and resorts in and around Jamnagar city have been fully booked between March 1st and 3rd to accommodate guests attending Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding functions. Final touches are being given to all preparations to welcome guests, including the most distinguished ones, at hotels and resorts. Hotel managers have made elaborate arrangements for the arriving guests to ensure their comfort and satisfaction.

Charter Flight Arrangements for Guests from Delhi and Mumbai

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding functions are expected to draw guests from various parts of the country and abroad. To facilitate their arrival in Jamnagar, charter flights have been arranged from Delhi and Mumbai. These flights will operate from Delhi and Mumbai to Jamnagar and back. The flights will depart every hour from 8 AM to 1 PM on March 1st.

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