Kishor Achieves Proficiency in 5 Languages: Passes Japanese Language Exam in Nadiad City

Education has become an integral part of today’s world. Recently, a 15-year-old teenager from a humble background in Nadiad, India, achieved a remarkable feat after moving to Japan with his family a year ago. This teenager appeared for an examination in the Japanese language, where out of 502 students, he was one of the 138 selected candidates. This has brought immense joy and pride to his family. What’s noteworthy is that this teenager has a firm grasp on five languages.

In December 2022, Shakir traveled from India to Japan.

On Mareeda Road in Nadiad, in the Alameen Society, 58-year-old Ayub-bhai Yusuf-bhai Kor resides with his family. He is engaged in the scrap business. His son, Shahid, has been living permanently in Japan for the last two years. Shahid’s eldest son, Shakir (aged 15), has been living with his father and studying there for the past 15 months. In December 2022, Shahid invited his wife, Shahenaz, along with their son Shakir and grandson Saad, to join them in Japan.

The family prayed for the bright future of the teenager.

Shakir was very diligent in his studies, even while in Nadiad, he used to study at the ETS school. Currently, Shakir has completed the 9th grade and is studying for the 10th grade in Japan. The family has permanently settled in the cities of Japan. In Japan, the curriculum focuses solely on the Japanese language, as English and other languages are not operational there. Shakir, being very diligent, successfully passed the examination conducted by the Japanese government. Out of 502 students, 138 students were selected, which brought great joy to the family. His grandparents, Ayub-bhai Kor and Samim-bhai Kor, who live in Nadiad, are also very happy. Importantly, Shakir, at the age of 15, is proficient in 5 languages. The family prays for his bright future, as he has excelled in languages such as Gujarati, English, Urdu, Hindi, and Japanese.

The teenager has taken the national language exam within just 15 months: his grandfather

In an exclusive interview with Divya Bhaskar, Shakir’s grandfather Ayub-bhai, who resides in Nadiad, revealed that Shakir was very talented from a young age. Alongside his education, he has also shown interest in sports. He has taken the national language exam within just 15 months of his efforts, and he has passed it successfully. In the exam conducted in March, out of 502 students, he was selected among the 138 students. He has a liking for not only his mother tongue Gujarati but also English, Urdu, Hindi, and Japanese.

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