Indore’s Sarafa Chowpatty: Shopkeepers and Customers Clash in Late-Night Incident, VIDEO: Altercation Involving Girls

A video depicting a brawl that erupted late Sunday night in Indore’s Sarafa Market went viral on social media on Monday afternoon. 

The dispute reportedly involved some customers and the restaurant owner. Women were also involved in the altercation. Police have registered cases against both parties involved in the incident.

Police Take Action Against Chandni Bhuriya for Assault and Threats, Following Tanu Solanki’s Complaint

According to Sarafa Police, action has been taken against Chandni Bhuriya based on a complaint filed by Tanu Solanki, alleging assault and threats. Tanu stated in her complaint that she runs a paneer tikka stall in Sarafa Market.

Altercation Erupts as Chandni Engages in Dispute Over Seating at Paneer Tikka Stall

On Sunday night, around 1:30 am, a girl named Chandni arrived at the scene. After purchasing paneer tikka, she sat down right in front of the stall. When asked to move to the side, she became argumentative and used foul language. 

Subsequently, a scuffle broke out, but nearby bystanders and shopkeepers intervened to diffuse the situation.

Counter Complaint Emerges: Tanu Alleges Verbal Abuse and Assault from Chandni’s Side

On the other hand, following Chandni’s complaint, it was revealed that she resides in Bhawarkua and is currently pursuing her studies. She had visited Sarafa with her friends Anjali and Beena on that night.

Upon reaching Tanu’s stall, an altercation ensued over seating arrangements, during which Tanu and her husband allegedly used derogatory language and resorted to physical violence. Chandni sustained injuries in the altercation, but her friends intervened to rescue her. Police have not made any arrests in connection with this incident.

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