HC Refuses Suo Moto in Gujarat University Assault Case: Court Rejects Police Role; VC Upholds Public Religious Freedom

In a concerning incident at Gujarat University, the police have detained three suspects for questioning regarding an assault on foreign students. The individuals identified as Kshitish Pandey, Jitendra Patel, and Sahil Dudhtiua were taken into custody. Yesterday, the Crime Branch had also detained two other individuals in connection with the case, bringing the total number of arrests to five. 

Previously, there was a plea in the High Court for a suo moto petition, which the court declined, emphasizing that investigation falls within the purview of the police. University Chancellor Nirja Gupta clarified that public spaces cannot be restricted for prayers or religious activities only. She stressed that prayers and other religious activities can be conducted in designated areas or rooms, not in public spaces. 

In response to the incident, security measures have been heightened, and staff rotations have been implemented. Additionally, a lack of fire safety measures in the NRI hostel, which has been operational for two years, has been addressed to ensure the safety of students.

Formation of Committee to Investigate Viral Videos and Ensure Student Safety

We have formed a committee following recent developments. Just two days ago, we received the Fire No Objection Certificate (NOC), and now we are preparing the space for students. For the security of all students, ex-army personnel will be deployed. Before allocating the new hostel, there will be discussions on entry protocols for visitors to ensure security. 

We have formed a committee to investigate videos that have gone viral, whether they concern incidents inside or outside the university premises. The committee will examine viral videos and submit reports. It comprises the Ombudsman, Legal Assistant Registrar, and Coordinator, who will thoroughly study all videos and present their findings.

Fight in Hostel

Advocates Approach Gujarat High Court with Suo Moto Petition Regarding Assault on Foreign Students

Today, Advocate K.R. Koshti approached the bench comprising Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal and Justice Aniruddha Mayee in the Gujarat High Court, seeking to file a suo moto petition regarding an incident of assault on foreign students at Gujarat University. 

The advocate stated in the petition that a group of 20 to 30 individuals had attacked foreign students residing in the university hostel. These foreign students are here under international agreements.

Gujarat High Court Rejects Suo Moto Petition, States Police Will Investigate the Matter

The Gujarat High Court declined to entertain a suo moto petition regarding the recent incident involving an assault on foreign students at Gujarat University. The court asserted that the issue does not involve public interest. 

It emphasized that the responsibility for investigation lies with the police, not the court. The Police Commissioner had also visited the scene to oversee the investigation. Some suspects have already been apprehended swiftly.

Implementing a System that Respects Students’ Religious Practices

Today, a comprehensive police deployment has been arranged throughout Gujarat University due to various student organizations and other individuals filing petitions. Police checkpoints have been set up even at the university tower. ABVP has submitted a memorandum to the Chancellor regarding the incidents of violence on campus. 

The demand for beefing up student security is being raised. The demand specifically includes ensuring that students’ religious practices are respected. International students have also demanded complete security assurance. ABVP claims that there have been instances where student security has been compromised.

Two Individuals Arrested for Assault Incident at Gujarat University Hostel

Yesterday, an incident of violence occurred in Block A of Gujarat University’s hostel, leading to arrests under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including sections 143, 144, 147, 149, 427, 323, 324, 337, and 447. 

In response, the Crime Branch detained Hitesh Rakhu Mewada and Bharat Damodar Patel for further investigation. Both individuals were handed over to the Gujarat University Police for further interrogation to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Two persons were detained yesterday.

Three More Individuals Arrested Today

Today, the police have arrested three individuals in separate locations. Kshitish Kamlesh Pandey from Naranpura, Jitendra Ghanshyam Patel from Ghatlodia, and Sahil Arun Dudhtiua from near Memnagar have been detained in connection with recent incidents.

Students had fights

Overview of the Incident

Several youths approached the hostel guards at Gujarat University to request permission for offering namaz (Islamic prayer). Amidst heated exchanges, one of the foreign youths, while engaged in prayer, was allegedly assaulted after an altercation ensued. 

Subsequently, the situation escalated, and local youth from a student organization attacked the foreign students. This led to vandalism within the hostel premises and even physical assaults on the foreign students.

Vehicles were vandalized

Incident: Arrest of Five Individuals

In a recent development at Gujarat University, amidst the presence of foreign students enrolled under international agreements, the government has intervened to investigate a pressing matter. Both the Police Commissioner of Ahmedabad city and the Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat University visited the scene. 

Arrangements have been made to relocate the foreign students to other hostels. Following a complaint lodged with the police, individuals allegedly involved in assaulting the foreign students are being apprehended. Notably, a total of five individuals have been detained in connection with the incident. They are expected to be presented before the local court for legal proceedings.

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