Bajaj Motorcycle Showroom Blaze in Hazira, Modasa: Rapid Response by Municipal Fire Control

Any residence, commercial place, or industrial unit can witness a fire incident due to a short circuit at any time. Such an incident recently occurred in the expanding area of Modasa.

In the showroom of Bajaj Motorcycles in Modasa, incidents of fire were reported late at night. During the night, flames and smoke were visible in and around the Bajaj showroom for unknown reasons. Locals, alarmed by the flames and smoke, rushed to inform the owner and also notified the Modasa Fire Department. The Fire Department arrived at the scene before the fire took a catastrophic turn. The fire was controlled by using water from three fire trucks. Although the exact number of motorcycles and mopeds in the showroom cannot be determined, the entire showroom was engulfed in flames, causing significant damage estimated in lakhs to the showroom owner.

Niyati Rao

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