Dharampur Science Center Evacuated: Valsad Police Respond to Threat, Bomb Squad Investigates

An anonymous email threatening to bomb any Science City Museum in the country was received by the headquarters of the Kolkata Science Center. In response, security has been heightened at science centers across the country, including the Science Center in Dharmpur district of Valsad. The police, including the Bomb Disposal Squad and Dog Squad, have conducted thorough checks at the Science Center to ensure safety.

Science Center Security Enhanced Nationwide

An email was received at the Kolkata Science Center’s headquarters, containing a threat to bomb any Science Center in the country. As a precautionary measure, thorough checks are being conducted on all Science Centers in the country. A team from the Valsad district police, including the Bomb Squad and Dog Squad, has carried out primary inspections at the Science Center in Dharmpur.

Detailed Checking at Science Center in Dharmpur

Valsad district’s Dharmpur Science Center has been emptied and checked as part of the nationwide security measures. Teams from the Valsad district police, including the LCB, SOG, DySP, Bomb Squad, and Dog Squad, have thoroughly checked the Science Center and recorded details of its surroundings. The extensive checking has been carried out by various teams from the district police on all Science Centers across the country.

Information to Kolkata SP Regarding Email

The SP of Valsad district received information via email from Kolkata regarding the threatening email. However, there was no specific mention of any particular Science Center. As a precaution, detailed checking has been carried out at the Science Center in Dharmpur, Valsad district. The Dharmpur Science Center team, including LCB, SOG, DySP, Bomb Squad, and Dog Squad, has been mobilized based on the instructions from the district police.

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