Shocking Acid Attack on 51-Year-Old AMTS Conductor: Former Lover Targets Eyes, Back, and Private Parts

Acid Attack on Ahmedabad Bus Conductor by Former Lover

In a tragic incident in Ahmedabad, a female bus conductor working for AMTS (Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service) fell victim to an acid attack. The 38-year-old woman, identified as Mehjabin, had a previous romantic relationship with Rakeshbhai, a 51-year-old conductor. The attack took place in Kalupur, and the entire incident is under investigation by the Kalupur Police.


Rakeshbhai has been serving as a conductor for AMTS for the past 26 years and has been in control of fare collection. The incident occurred when Mehjabin, who was working as a controller, confronted Rakeshbhai about their past relationship. Five years ago, when Mehjabin was 38, she had a romantic involvement with Rakeshbhai, who was a bus conductor at the time. The relationship did not last, and she had recently found out that Rakeshbhai had broken ties with her.

The Acid Attack:

Rakeshbhai, on a routine day, was working as a conductor when Mehjabin approached him. In the heated confrontation, Mehjabin threw acid on Rakeshbhai, causing serious injuries to his body. The entire incident has raised questions about the motive behind the attack and the circumstances leading up to it.

Police Investigation:

The Kalupur Police are actively investigating the case, considering the history between the two individuals and the sudden violent act. Both Mehjabin and Rakeshbhai are currently at large, and efforts are being made to apprehend them.

Acid Attack on AMTS Bus Conductor in Ahmedabad by Former Lover

Last night, a shocking incident occurred near Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad where a female bus conductor for AMTS, Mehjabin, was subjected to an acid attack. Her attacker was identified as Rakeshbhai, a fellow conductor, with whom Mehjabin had a previous romantic relationship. The incident unfolded near the control cabin at Kalupur Railway Station, and both individuals are currently evading the police.

Details of the Attack:

Mehjabin, accompanied by her friend, Mit Sharma, approached Rakeshbhai, who was on duty. Mehjabin was carrying a plastic container in her hand, which she later used to throw acid at Rakeshbhai. The attack caused serious injuries to Rakeshbhai’s face, back, and other concealed body parts. The immediate response from the people present at the scene led to Mehjabin fleeing, and both individuals are currently on the run.

Statements from Rakeshbhai:

Rakeshbhai, who sustained severe injuries, expressed shock over the incident and mentioned that Mehjabin had confronted him about their past relationship. According to Rakeshbhai, Mehjabin accused him of breaking ties with her, leading to a heated argument. In response to the confrontation, Mehjabin threw acid at him.

Current Status:

Both Mehjabin and Rakeshbhai are currently evading arrest, and the police are making efforts to apprehend them. The investigation is ongoing, and more details will emerge as the case progresses.

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