Gujarat: Navsari Teacher Makes Maths & Science Fun with Tambourine Experiment

Government initiatives, coupled with innovative efforts by teachers, aim to enhance the learning experience of rural primary school children, particularly in challenging subjects. A teacher from Majigam, Chikhli taluka of Navsari, has embarked on a unique experiment, utilizing music as a tool to simplify complex concepts in mathematics and science. This endeavor has not only made these subjects more accessible but has also kindled a newfound interest among students.

Rhythmic Learning: Transforming Math and Science Education

In Majigam, Navsari, Meenakshiben Sardar, a mathematics and science teacher, recognized the struggles students faced with these subjects. Despite conventional teaching methods, students’ performance remained stagnant. Meenakshi’s brainstorming led her to compose over 60 songs and poems, covering topics ranging from mathematical equations to scientific experiments. Incorporating these compositions into the rhythm of garba, bhajan, and folk songs, she successfully engaged students and facilitated their comprehension.

From Difficulty to Delight: A Transformation in Learning

Previously perceived as daunting, mathematics and science have now become enjoyable subjects at Majigam school. Meenakshi’s innovative approach, blending education with music, has not only fostered enthusiasm among students but has also significantly improved their academic performance. Students readily memorize mathematical concepts through song lyrics, resulting in a remarkable rise in their exam scores.

Meenakshi Sardar’s Testimony: Bridging Gaps in Mathematics Education

Reflecting on her journey, Meenakshi shares her motivation and experiences as a teacher. Recognizing students’ disinterest in mathematics, she drew inspiration from her college project on composing mathematical poems. Implementing this initiative in her classroom, she witnessed a remarkable transformation in students’ attitudes and achievements in mathematics.

Student Voices: From Disengagement to Success

Students echo the impact of Meenakshi’s innovative approach. Devkumar Jiteshbhai Halapati, an eighth-grade student, recalls his initial struggles with mathematics and the transformation brought about by integrating music into education. Mathematics, once perceived as dull, has now become enjoyable and rewarding, leading to improved academic performance and engagement among students.

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