Vadodara Building Demolition: 1 Dead, 2 Injured as Slab Collapses

In Nariya village of Dabhoi taluka, three individuals were demolishing a house. Each person was working under a separate slab when tragedy struck. One person was fatally injured at the site. When two others suffered serious injuries, they were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

House Demolition Task Turns Fatal

According to available information, Arvindbhai Shankarbhai Vanakar’s house demolition work was being carried out by Kanjibhai Keshibhai Vanakar (55 years old), Ratilal Dalsubha Vasa and Kiranbhai Shanabhai Vasa, residents of the village. All three individuals were engaged in the demolition work.

Tragedy Strikes During Demolition

As each slab of the house was being dismantled, Kanjibhai, Ratilal, and Kiranbhai were trapped beneath the collapsing slabs. As the slabs broke apart, they were pinned under debris. Rescuers managed to extract all three individuals from the debris. Unfortunately, Kanjibhai Vanakar succumbed to his injuries.

Immediate Medical Attention Saves Lives

Upon learning of the incident, Ratilal Vasa and Kiranbhai Vasa, who were injured, were promptly taken to a nearby hospital by local residents. Medical professionals initiated treatment and successfully saved both lives. The collapsing slab resulted in a wave of shock and mourning in the village.

Plans for a New Home

Arvindbhai Vanakar, the owner of the demolished house, had sought permission to construct a new house on the same plot of land. However, a tragic incident unfolded during the process of obtaining permission from the landowner. The incident caused chaos in the village. The Dabhoi police registered a case regarding the incident and took necessary action. Subsequently, the police took legal action regarding Kanjibhai Vanakar’s death in the incident.

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