UP Board Topper Girl’s Body Shaming: Facial Hair Raises Social Concerns, Hormonal Changes Key Cause

A few days ago, the results of the UP Board exams were announced. Among them, Prachi, a resident of Sitapur, topped in the 10th grade. Prachi scored 98.50%. Her photo started circulating on social media, and people began commenting on her face. Due to Prachi’s social media presence, she became even more viral. Many memes were also created about Prachi.

Body Shaming in Indian Society

Body shaming is not uncommon in countries like India. If a girl has hair on her upper lip or unwanted hair growth on her body, people start making various comments. Some people don’t even hesitate to comment on girls’ interactions with boys.

Pressure to Look Perfect

The society’s pressure and parents’ hesitance lead girls to beauty salons. However, no one tries to understand why a young girl or a woman has facial hair or a beard. This is a medical problem that can be resolved with proper care and treatment.

Unbalanced Hormones Cause Unwanted Hair Growth

Gynecologist Dr. Meera Pathak says that due to imbalanced hormones, unwanted hair often grows on the face. Every woman goes through puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, during which these three stages experience hormonal changes, causing the most hormonal fluctuations in the body. Some women’s facial hair increases slightly, while others may appear darker and thicker, resembling facial hair or beard.

PCOS Can Occur

Due to poor lifestyle, most girls nowadays become victims of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Because of PCOS, they do not have regular menstrual cycles. This is a hormonal disorder. Due to this disorder, women’s hormone balance is disrupted, leading to increased hair growth on their faces. PCOS also causes hair loss and weight gain.

Increased Levels of Male Hormone in Girls’ Bodies

“Testosterone” is a male sex hormone, but when the level of this hormone increases in a girl’s or woman’s body, they begin to grow more hair on their faces and other parts of their bodies. Increased levels of this hormone can also lead to a heavier voice in women.

Effects of Medications

Dr. Mira says that women taking hormonal therapy also face the problem of increased facial hair. In this condition, there are strange patches of hair growth on the woman’s body.

Waxing the Face Wisely

Beauty expert Jasmine suggests, “Using Brazilian wax on the face is safe. It causes less pain during waxing. However, before waxing the face, it is necessary to do a patch test to know whether it will suit the face or not. During waxing, the hair is pulled against its direction, which removes unwanted hair properly.”

Prep the Face Before Waxing

Before applying wax on a clean face, cleanse or exfoliate it. Waxing on a clean face removes hair properly. For oily skin or for those who have more facial sebum, they should not wax without washing the face. Waxing should be avoided for partially grown hair, as it increases pain and discomfort.

Waxing Stretches the Skin

Frequent waxing can cause rapid aging of the face, including wrinkles and freckles. Those whose face does not respond well to face waxing can experience irritation or complaints, so caution should be exercised during facial waxing.Bleaching After Facial Waxing Should Be Avoided.

Laser, Another Good Option

Laser is a good option for women because it targets unwanted hair on the face. Laser treatment works on melanin on the skin. Dermatologist Dr. Kishish Kalaria says that laser hair reduction helps reduce hair gradually. It softens and reduces hair growth.

Hair Reduction with Laser

Laser targets the root of the hair, as it contains melanin. The more melanin, the more the hair will decrease.

Laser Does Not Target Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction treatment does not directly target hair but creates a color of melanin inside it.

Treatment Sessions for Hair Reduction in Women

If hair growth on a woman’s face is normal, then visible results of hair reduction therapy can be seen in just 7 to 8 sessions.

Hair Removal with Laser on the Body

For hair on the body, laser treatment is repeated after 4-5 months.

Increase in PCOS Settings

If a girl has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), the frequency of her laser sessions increases because more hair growth occurs in this disease.

For PCOS, Consult Dermatologist and Hormone Specialist

If someone has PCOS, then their treatment is done by a dermatologist and an endocrinologist.

The Impact of Trolling

It’s unfortunate that social media is so busy looking at abilities of a girl engineer that it forgets to encourage her and wish her success. When social media should encourage instead of trolling, it’s not right. This way of demoralizing a young, successful mind is not appropriate. When it is a health-related issue that can be corrected with time.

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